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Five Celebrities

In an interview, Michael says he decided that he was just going to eat the pepper as quickly as possible and ignore the pain. Michael takes a bite, chews, shows off his chewed pepper, and swallows. Kathy cheers him on. Frederique is up next. Her question: "Which actor was cast, and then passed, on the Han Solo role in Star Wars before Harrison Ford?" She gets some choices: Tom Cruise, Burt Reynolds, or Tom Selleck. Okay, Tom Cruise is way too young, so he's out. Frederique thinks it's Burt Reynolds, and she's correct. She picks the mouse named Zero, who runs to the #3 pepper. Since she got the question right, Frederique has the option of eating the pepper herself or passing it on. In an interview, Frederique says she doesn't like spicy foods, and that she'd rather eat something weird than something spicy. Frederique says she's passing it on to Corbin, since he's the only one who didn't practically die. Corbin says he has learned that darker peppers aren't as mature, so they're not as hot. But couldn't it be possible that with some peppers, darker ones are more mature? Whatever, Corbin with your made-up maturity theory. Corbin picks out a pepper. Michael says he needs an emergency room; Ahmad offers him a thousand-dollar glass of milk, but Michael passes. I wonder if they can share milk. Like could they buy one glass, and each person gets a sip as needed? Because that's what I would do. Corbin bites his pepper, chews, and everyone looks. Corbin once again has to prove his manhood by taking three more bites of the pepper. What a douchebag. He swallows, and they are now adding $40,000 to the pot.

Kathy finally gets her turn. Her question: "Who was the first actress to be paid $1 Million for a movie?" Her choices are Mary Pickford, Elizabeth Taylor, or Meryl Streep. Kathy immediately says it's Elizabeth Taylor, and she's right. Kathy picks the mouse named Spooky, who goes to the #2 pepper. Ahmad says that she can eat it, or pass it on, and Kathy immediately says that she's not doing it. In an interview, Kathy says that she's not a spicy food eater at all, because she's "Irish, and bland, bland, bland." Kathy asks Corbin if he's up for it. Corbin asks if he can buy one glass of milk. Everyone says yes, except Erik, who points out that Corbin eats five bites when you only need to eat one, so if his mouth is hot, it's his own fault. Good point, Erik. But you need Corbin to do this, so let it go. Everyone overrules Erik. Corbin picks up his pepper and says it won't be a pleasant tomorrow. In an interview, Corbin says that he's a little worried for tomorrow because "today it's [his] forte, and tomorrow it's [his] fart-ay." Okay, I laughed at that. He's still a douche, though. Corbin bites his pepper, chews, they all look, and he swallows. Meanwhile, Michael is playing with the mice. Hee! Corbin asks for his glass of milk. Ahmad pours it, but Corbin only wants, like, an inch of milk. Oh, take the whole glass! It costs the same! I hate him. No one is impressed by your manhood, as proved by only needing one inch of milk. Ahmad announces that the total for this game is now $49,000, and the pot is up to $151,000. Everyone cheers.

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