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Now that both Bobby and Ali are gone, the players are kind of stunned. Craig in particular is upset because he liked both of the departed a great deal. Nicole admits that Bobby was her prime Mole suspect. She must not be the only one, or she'd be gone by now. Victoria cries some more.

The players travel to Uspallata, Argentina, in the Andes Mountains. In the van, Paul has drawn a face on a lemon and jokes around, claiming that it's the show's mascot, Lemon Head. I feel like they are trying to make me not hate Paul. It's kind of working.

The players join Jon on the side of a mountain, as he regales them with tales of how high the altitude is there. Craig complains about the freezing temperatures, but maybe he should have worn something a little warmer than a hoodie. Jon instructs the group to split in half: one team that's Selfish and one team that's Selfless. The Selfish team ends up being Clay, Victoria, Nicole, and Kristen. The Selfless team then is Paul, Alex, Mark, and Craig. Today's mission is called "Midas Rush" and it involves gold bricks, which Jon unveils dramatically. Jon gives a little history lesson that boils down to the fact that the Spanish used to force the Incas to carry gold bricks through the mountains for them. For this mission, the teams have 50 minutes to carry as many bricks as possible to the top of the mountain, for a potential total of $50,000. The team isn't finished until all of its members make it to the finish line, and there is an exemption available to the team that makes it up there first. The whole team? That's weird. Jon reminds them to take care of themselves due to the high altitude.

The teams rush to pile bricks into their backpacks. Kristen takes 8, Victoria and Clay each take 5, and Nicole takes four. Clay interviews that his strategy was to make sure his team got across the finish line first, even if that meant taking fewer bricks. On the Selfless team, Mark piles like a million bricks in his backpack, of course, because he's Super Veiny Brick-Carrying Dad. Mark disparages Craig's mountain-climbing capability, and he kind of has a point. One thing they don't mention is that the Selfless team is taking more bricks, but it's also made up of four dudes, while the Selfish team has three chicks, who probably have less overall strength. Except maybe Kristen, who's kind of a brute.

The teams start up the mountain. Nicole keeps slacking off, and interviews that she wants people to suspect her as the Mole so that they vote wrong on the quizzes. Craig interviews that he kind of hates being the weakest player now that Bobby is gone. The players all complain about the altitude, and having climbed a much smaller mountain at a much lower altitude, when I was about 16 years old and in really good shape, I do have some empathy.

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