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Everyone reports to dinner, except for Craig, who was told by the doctors not to attend. Jon wonders how important the journals are, so you know something's up. Mark is basically making out with his journal, while Paul and Alex claim they don't think their journals are that important. Jon collects all of the journals and walks out, and the contestants freak out over what's going to happen.

Jon returns later, and gives the journals back. Everyone waits for the other shoe to drop. Victoria flips through her journal and claims that there's an exemption inside, but then admits that she's just kidding. That was actually kind of funny. Turns out that Jon wrote down some quotes from the journals and they have to guess who wrote what. They also did this on the first celebrity edition and I think one of the regular editions as well. For each time they guess right, they add $2000 to the pot, and players aren't allowed to try to signal to each other to help out. Victoria is asked who said, "At dinner, Victoria drank a lot." Instead of answering the question, Victoria is all defending her non-alcoholism, but finally guesses that it was Mark, which is correct. Clay is asked who described him as, "Very quiet. Cool guy. Like his vibe." Clay guesses it was Kristen, which is correct. Paul is asked who said "they are hoping that this time it will work out right." Whuh? What a nondescript question. Paul guesses Nicole, which is wrong, and Jon won't tell them the correct answer. Alex says quietly, "You're mean in Argentina," which cracked me up more than anything else in this episode. Kristen is asked who said that the first mission was the craziest thing anyone ever did for money. Nicole really obviously coughs and then blinks her eyes really fast at Kristen, who guesses Nicole, and is correct. Jon asks Alex who said that he was taking control. Alex guesses Mark, which is incorrect. Jon asks Mark who said, "This is to [sic] easy," and Mark guesses Paul, which is correct. Jon asks Nicole who said that Nicole is just there for fame. Nicole refuses to guess at first, like an imbecile, and then says Paul. That's wrong, but Jon says that the actual author can 'fess up and earn the money, so Victoria does. Nicole doesn't hold a grudge about it, probably because it's true. Jon says that Kristen's answer is disqualified because Nicole was clearly signaling her. Then the waiters bring out crème brulee and they focus on it for like twenty minutes, so I was expecting a random exemption inside or something, but nothing happens. I just checked the forums and SVNBob pointed out that it was probably foreshadowing for what happens next, so keep reading.

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