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Five More Celebrities

It's time for Stephen and Angie to have a turn. There are only seventeen chickens left, and there are still forty-eight sombreros. So it gets more difficult as you go along. Stephen finds the numbers, and Angie catches the chickens. Stephen voice-overs that Angie was moving in a chicken-like manner, and that she must have been relating to the chickens. We don't get to see as much of their turn, and Ahmad announces that they have added $31,000 to the pot. Everyone cheers.

Tracey and Mark have only six chickens left that haven't been caught. Mark goofs off the whole time, which would really annoy me. At one point, he pretends to fuck the chicken. Tracey and Mark turn over sombreros at the same time, and Ahmad reminds them that that's illegal. They chase one chicken, and Mark totally runs after it, which just causes the chicken to run away. I can't decide if he's an idiot or The Mole. Oh my God, now I'm quoting Corbin. Tracey and Mark have turned over all the hats and can't find any more numbers, so they let time run out. They end up with a total of $9,000. They got $2,000 taken away because they picked up hats at the same time.

Ahmad says that they put a total of $57,000 in the pot in that game. Wow! Does anyone else think the producers came up with a fairly easy game just so that there would be some money in the pot? Ahmad asks the team to pick their best chicken wrangler, and everyone picks Keshia. That's weird to me, because Stephen and Angie made a lot more money, and by going first, Keshia and Dennis had the best odds. Maybe everyone felt that Dennis was holding Keshia back. Ahmad says that Keshia is going to have five minutes to grab one rooster. If she does it, she'll add another $10,000 to the pot. Mark voice-overs that the rooster is actually taller than Keshia by about an inch. Ahmad starts the time. Keshia interviews that roosters are usually pretty mean, and that she was worried it might peck her eyes out. Stephen interviews that, at first, Keshia tried to be "chicken whisperer" and it didn't work, so she "got all ghetto about it and ran it down." Keshia corners the rooster and grabs it with about fifteen seconds left, adding $10,000 to the pot. The pot now stands at $83,000. I know that little incident goes against my "Keshia as Mole" theory, but I think she's trying to throw suspicion off her, so she can't just blatantly screw up every game.

The MUVs travel to the next location "for a little recreation," as Ahmad puts it. Inside one MUV, Tracey, Stephen, and Angie discuss their suspicions. Stephen writes down what everyone had for lunch, and then tells Tracey that they'll talk later. Angie asks if they have a coalition, and Stephen says, "Maybe." Stephen interviews that he thinks that, by sharing information with Tracey, they can figure more out. Tracey interviews that she wishes Stephen were more confident about his Mole pick, since he says he doesn't know. Tracey wonders if that means Stephen is The Mole.

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