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Five More Celebrities

The players go horseback riding and take boat rides. Stephen interviews that there's no way to dissect this thing. Tracey interviews that Mark has lost money for the team, which makes her suspect. Stephen interviews that Angie has single-handedly cost them $45,000. Angie interviews that Dennis doesn't try in any game, and sabotages everything. Stephen interviews that Keshia is way too laid back. Mark tells the camera that no one knows that he's The Mole, and that he's sabotaging everything. Would The Mole say that? And would they show it? Stephen interviews that the next execution is going to be huge and shocking.

That night, the players gather at the Ruins of Tulum. Angie tells the camera that it's 3:00 AM. Ahmad announces that this game is called "Wrestler Mariachi Maze," and that they need to split into three teams of two again. This time it ends up Dennis and Angie, Mark and Keshia, and Stephen and Tracey. Ahmad says that one of them needs to be the navigator and one needs to be the runner. The navigator will direct the runner through the maze using an overhead camera shot and a walkie-talkie. Each runner who makes it out of the maze will earn $20,000 for the pot. The runners have to complete the maze while avoiding the two Mexican wrestlers. Ahmad says that the runners have to grab a wrestling belt at the entrance of the maze, and exit without being tagged by a wrestler. Also, there is a mariachi band in the center of the maze that will only play when they see a wrestler, as a hint to the players regarding the wrestler's locations.

Dennis will be the first runner, and Angie will be his navigator. Angie tries to tell Dennis that the exit is a straight line away from the entrance (one of them is, but there are three), and Stephen says she made it sound like he's supposed to go back to the beginning to get out. Angie tries to figure out how to give directions. Stephen interviews that Angie had no sense of direction. Stephen tries to tell Angie how to give directions. Stephen says he knows his game plan already.

Dennis enters the maze, and as soon as he walks in, Angie starts giving him directions, so he doesn't grab a belt. Angie gets him to the middle of the maze, but then he has to backtrack to avoid a wrestler. Keshia and Stephen yell out instructions, too, which would drive me insane. Keshia points out that Dennis never picked up a belt, so Angie tells Dennis to go back to the entrance and grab a belt. Dennis strolls back to the entrance and picks up a belt. Angie keeps giving him instructions, and the mariachi band starts playing. Dennis interviews that he thought when he heard the music, he should go that way. What? Did he even hear the instructions at all? Dennis spots a wrestler and tries to outrun him, but Dennis turns into a dead end and falls to the ground. The wrestler tags Dennis, and he's done. Denis laughs at himself. Stephen interviews that either Angie sucks at all of the games, or she's The Mole. Angie yells that it wasn't fair. That's her answer for everything, isn't it? What is she, twelve? Dennis complains that no one told him to get a belt. Ahmad and Mark refrain from pointing out that Ahmad did say that. Dennis interviews that it was a set-up on someone's part. Angie is frustrated with Dennis's lackluster performance.

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