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Five More Celebrities

The players assemble to find out which of them has been executed. Ahmad reminds them that the pot is at $93,000, and that Tracey has an exemption. Ahmad takes a seat and types in Angie's name. The screen turns green. Ahmad types in Mark's name next. That would suck if he got executed after making himself sick. The screen turns green. Ahmad says that he's going to type Dennis's name in next. Dennis asks if everyone else is nervous. The screen turns green. Dennis stands up and walks away, then yells, "Steve, your ass is out of here." It's down to Stephen and Keshia, since Tracey has an exemption. When Ahmad types in Stephen's name, the screen goes red. Dennis immediately gets up and walks off again. Could someone nail him to his chair? Everyone hugs Stephen goodbye. Stephen says he sucks at this game. Angie says they'll miss Stephen's bad jokes, but that it's all part of the game. Dennis thinks Stephen was trying too hard to get into everyone's head. Ahmad walks Stephen to the car. Tracey says that now she's out on her own. Stephen tells the camera that Tracey promised him she wasn't The Mole, so now he wants her to win. Unless she's The Mole. Keshia says that Stephen did provide a lot of humor. Stephen gets into his taxi and meekly says, "Goodbye cruel Mole world!"

Next week: we get to find out where that footage of Ananda pegging Tracey with a ball came from as the executed players return. Also, the players have to eat worms.

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