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Opening statements. Paul and Nicole still hate each other and are not amusing and not interesting and can't we get them off this show already? The contestants are still in Santiago, rehashing the events of the previous evening. Paul is chattin' with Craig and Ali, and he claims that he was scared of Nicole's threats, while confessing to us that he's just trying to get people to doubt Nicole's sanity. For Ali, it's working. Meanwhile, Bobby, Clay, and Mark have a coalition that consists of the three of them standing around and talking about how they're in a coalition. That seems useful. Clay is weirdly trying to get out of the conversation, like hovering in the door and sort of halfway out.

Ali runs and tells Nicole what Paul said. Nicole says that she knew that was the only way to get under Paul's skin. Nicole confesses to us that she could care less about Paul, but she's trying to play the game however she can.

The contestants arrive at some sort of fruit market, where Jon is taking a big bite of an apple before announcing the next mission: "Fruit of the Luge." He gets them to split up into two groups: five that can't trust anyone, and five that trust blindly. Everyone wants to be in the "can't trust" group, but finally they work it out. Jon throws a wrench in their groups when he says that they have to pair up with one person from each group. They'll be riding a two-person luge down a mountain. The person in front will be blindfolded and controlling the speed and steering. The person in back will be directing, and also trying to spot signs with pictures of fruit on them as they speed down the track. Once they hit the finish line, the two players cannot converse, and the previously-blindfolded player must run up the mountain back to the fruit stand, and pick out the fruits from the signs, placing them in the correct order. Each fruit in the right spot earns $2000 for the pot.

The first pair is Clay (blindfolded) and Bobby. All Bobby does is yell out "Slow slow slow" and then the fruits, except he tells Clay that the avocado is actually a pear. As they cross the finish line, Clay is still asking questions, but no one seems to care, yet. Clay manages to figure out that the pear is actually an avocado, largely because there aren't any pears on the table. Clay swaps two fruits but manages to earn $10,000.

The next pair is Paul (blindfolded) and Ali. Paul also swaps two fruits so he earns $10,000. Victoria (blindfolded) and Craig are next. I would be kind of scared to go with Craig because, you know, gravity. It seems like you would go pretty fast. Victoria says that she was "engulfed" by Craig, so she felt safe. They are actually quite cute together, and they chant the fruit order as they go down, adding each new sign as they pass it. After the finish line, but before they stand up, they go through the order one more time, but it seems like a mutual decision, unlike Clay who was the only one talking. So maybe they are amending the rules to say that you can't talk once you get off the luge? Paul notices and whispers to Ali that you aren't supposed to talk past the finish line. Victoria is the first to get all seven right for $14,000. Craig is thrilled, because he feels like he finally contributed. Aw. Kristen (blindfolded) and Mark go next, and Kristen also gets all seven correct for $14,000.

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