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Double Down

The final two are Alex (blindfolded) and Nicole. Everyone is amused that Nicole is the non-blindfolded one. As they pass the first sign, Nicole says, "Green apple" and Alex doesn't respond. So Nicole says, "So, green apple," just kind of reviewing, and Alex says, "Green apple again?" and Nicole doesn't respond. Due to poor communication, when they finish, Alex puts a green apple in the first two slots, and thus everything else is off one and he only gets one correct. One thing that seemed fishy to me about this on Alex's part is that he must have realized at some point that he had more fruits than slots on the table, since he didn't get to put the last one, avocado, on there. I don't know if there was a rule that you couldn't remove fruits once they were placed or something, but you'd think that would have clued him in that something was up. I think Nicole's mistake was an honest one and due to lack of communication; would anyone be that surprised to learn that she has poor communication skills? Can you imagine her as your cooch doctor? Good Lord. Of all the specialties she could have chosen. So Alex earns only $2000. The other players are all suspicious, but they didn't see what we saw on the track. They ask how they got two green apples. Alex says that he heard Nicole say it twice, and that's sort of where it ends.

Jon announces that they should have earned a total of $50,000 but there was a problem. Both Clay and Bobby and Craig and Victoria spoke after passing the finish line, so their money will be removed from the pot. So instead, they will add only $26,000 to the pot, bringing the total to $89,000. Clay tries to throw the spotlight on Bobby, claiming that he made a lot of mistakes. I think those can be chalked up to bobby not being all that bright, but I think Clay is the Mole.

Clay and Mark have a powwow about how they don't really trust Bobby and aren't sure about being in a coalition with him anymore. Mark suggests not outright telling Bobby that they're booting him from their All Man Women Haters Club, but instead just keeping him around in case he gets interesting information, but not sharing anything with him. Clay agrees, and says that he wants another rational person to bounce ideas. I thought Clay was trying to bring a new person into the coalition to replace Bobby, but I guess he was saying that Mark is a rational person. That's debatable. The segment ends with Mark confessing that he only trusts Clay, and Clay confessing that he only trusts himself. Heh.

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