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The next morning, the players are told to get dressed in their Sunday best. As they drive to their location, Victoria guesses that they're going to get buttered up and then get hit with a mission. The players arrive at a spa and change into bathing suits. There's a pool, a spa, a sauna, and even a waterslide. Craig in particular loves the last one. Kristen finally gets Nicole to talk about the luge mission. Nicole admits that she said apple twice. Kristen and Bobby both think that Nicole is trying to make people think she's the Mole, but they don't think she actually is. The players all get various types of massages. Alex confesses that you go into a massage wanting a release. What kind of massage parlor does he think this is? There's no happy ending here. Bobby picks up on the fact that Mark is distancing himself, and then starts babbling about how Jon was eating an apple yesterday, and Paul is from the Big Apple. Bobby would fit in well on our forums.

As the players return to the locker room, they discover that Jon has taken all their clothes, so they are left wearing the spa robes. Jon tells them that their clothes are at the cleaners. They split into teams and are told that they have to make their way to a restaurant across town in about two hours, and before they arrive, they have to be dressed in nice clothing (collared shirts, ties, and pants for the men, two-piece top and pants or skirt for the women). Each group is given a card with the restaurant's address on it. They can beg, borrow, or steal their clothes from the locals. Craig says what everyone was thinking: "There's not a person in Santiago that wears my size." Each player that arrives in the restaurant and is admitted according to the dress code will add $5000 to the pot. Some of the players are naked underneath their robes, and they have to leave the robes behind, so Jon provides Mole Speedos for the guys, and Mole sports bras and booty shorts for the ladies. Mark immediately strips down to his underwear, like this is no problem. Jon adds that if they don't make it to the restaurant, they don't get to eat tonight.

All of the women had to take the Mole costumes, and Victoria and Kristen are wearing knee-high boots, so they looks like... well, hookers. Clay immediately announces that he's not doing it, because he needs to keep his dignity. Whuh? He's on a reality show. His dignity left a long time ago. Also, remember when Bill (who was The Mole in Season 2) refused to do a mission for the same reason? Interesting. Mark immediately jumps on the dignity bandwagon, even though he was stripping down before. Does he suspect Clay and wants to keep an eye on him? If they had a true coalition, Mark should split up from Clay so they can gather information separately. Now they are both cut off from seeing who tried to sabotage and how.

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