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So now it's just the Rejects. Bobby suggests finding a laundromat where they can find leftover clothes. Some locals take them to a costume shop, where Bobby finishes off his outfit and Craig finally finds a shirt, but is having trouble finding pants that are big enough. This is like the most nightmarish bathing suit shopping trip ever. Craig spots a laundromat, and when he goes inside, realizes that all of their clothes are there. This is where they were taken for cleaning. So the rejects get to put their own clothes back on, as well as pick up everyone else's clothes. They're heroes! Craig and Bobby share a hug of glee over finally contributing to a mission's success.

Mark and Clay show up in the restaurant but are not allowed inside, since they are still in their robes. Inside, Jon tells everyone that they've added $40,000 to the pot. He also reveals that the cards with the address of the club also had the address to the laundromat in code. Of course, the Rejects just stumbled upon it, so there's that.

The next night, the players have their pre-execution meal. Jon asks who is really committed to the game. Craig points out Mark, since he's taking notes as they speak. So this leads to Paul and Mark arguing over whether Mark is obsessing. And then everyone gets pulled into Paul's tornado of suck and everyone starts arguing with him. Well, some people are just sitting there looking like they'd like to punch him in the face. But Bobby looks especially rattled. Paul is ruining this show. Seriously. If you saw previous seasons, everyone got along, and even the few that didn't (Elavia, Charlie) were sort of laughable in a good way. Fuck off, Paul.

After the quiz, the players report to find out the results. Before any results are revealed, Jon pulls out a $20,000 bribe if anyone wants to leave the game right now. No one takes it. The following people are revealed as safe: Kristen, Mark, and Victoria. With seven players left, Jon ups the bribe offer to $30,000 to leave right now. And Ali takes it! And leaves the game. Alex thinks it was a smart move, but Bobby says that even if there were only two people left unsafe, and he were one of them, he wouldn't take the money. Jon returns and say that Ali would have been safe, which is cool because I was wondering about that.

So then you'd think the episode is over, because in the second season when Elavia took the bribe, Anderson joked that they would still have an execution and then told them he was joking, while he did a happy dance. I miss Anderson. Anyway, Jon blows everyone's mind when he says that there's still going to be an execution. Alex is safe, and Bobby goes home. Victoria just starts sobbing, and everyone actually does look shocked. I bet some of those people were voting for Bobby as the Mole. Paul, of course, is not sad to see either player go because it means he's closer to the money. Please let him leave next week.

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