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I've been trying to figure out why I haven't enjoyed this season as much as I have previous seasons. I don't know if it's because there have been so many other reality shows since this one first aired that the novelty has worn off, or if I just miss Anderson Cooper. I actually think it's due to the cast, at least partially; one reason I used to enjoy this show over other reality shows is that the cast mostly got along and it really felt like a team effort, and I didn't feel that this season. Anyway, on with the show.

In the opening series of interviews, Craig chuckles that he loves this game, and Nicole is sad that her victory over Paul doesn't feel as sweet as she thought it would. Mark realizes he's in the finals largely due to luck, but he'll take it.

Still in Buenos Aires, the remaining three players eat breakfast and prepare for their final two missions. Mark interviews that he hasn't known who The Mole is all along, and he thinks that Craig and Nicole are not targeting him as The Mole because they've spent a lot of time working together in missions. Nicole interviews that she's sure Craig is The Mole. Craig interviews that Mark is his top choice, but he's still not positive.

Jon welcomes them to today's mission: "Tick Tock Boom." Nearby is a case holding $50,000 cash and a bomb set to go off in an hour. They have to defuse the bomb before it goes off to get the cash, and everything they need is in the room. Jon abruptly leaves, and the players are mystified. They have some tools, and a number of colored wires to potentially cut. There are world locations written on the wall, a bunch of clocks, letters written on the wall, and a board with blanks like you would write while playing Hangman. Craig discovers a hidden time zone map, but two players must hold it down while someone else looks at it, so Craig and Mark hold it while Nicole looks at it. She runs back and forth between the map and the wall with locations so that she can write the times. Nicole takes a break and Mark takes over writing for a while, and Mark interviews that he wanted to trade off jobs to minimize the chances of subterfuge.

Once they get all the times written on the board, they have no idea what to do next, and they have thirty minutes remaining. Craig points out the giant clock in the middle of the room, and they figure out that they have to put the times for each city on the big clock and write down the letter it points to. It doesn't spell out any words, and Nicole gets panicky, but Mark points out that it might be scrambled. Once they get all the letters, they don't think they can make words out of it, so Craig suggests rechecking the map. It turns out that Nicole made more than one mistake. They fix the letters and fill in enough words so that it says: CLUE: CUT _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ IS RED + BLUE. They argue over whether that means cutting one red and one blue wire, or just a purple wire. Mark and Nicole keep discussing, and Craig realizes that they only have a minute left and pushes them to make a decision. Craig grabs the wire cutters and wants to cut the purple wire, but Nicole resists. Craig cuts the wire and nothing happens. Except that the timer stops. The players celebrate. Jon returns and tells them they only had twenty-one seconds left and the clue said "CLUE: CUT WIRE THAT IS RED + BLUE."

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