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The players decompress and are psyched that this mission was so spy-like. Nicole has gotten more likable since she's stopped trying to be all Omarosa-like. Note: This likability won't last long.

Jon moves right into the next mission the next morning: "Three to Tango." Jon explains that each player will get an envelope with a clue. They call Jon when they solve the puzzle and he will send them somewhere else. The first player to finish three rounds of clues will have a choice: either put $75,000 in the pot, or get a chance to look at The Mole's dossier, which may or may not be of value.

Nicole's first clue: "The Argentine flag was first raised on these grounds, where a famous tall monument stands high and proud." Nicole interviews that she doesn't want to do any more physical activity, especially since she knows she can't beat Mark. Mark's first clue: "You may still fall victim to the Mole's facade, unless you can get to the place Libertad." Mark interviews that Craig knows the city really well, because he's been reading about it. Craig's clue "Shop till you drop on this street that's first rate. The sun always shines on this U.S. State." Craig knew it was Florida Street, and he gets confirmation from Jon, who tells him to find a leather store and try on a leather jacket, and then send Jon a picture of him wearing it. Craig was psyched to find a jacket that fits.

Mark asks the people hanging out in the streets (Ferns!) to figure out where he needs to go. Jon tells him to find a particular statue and send Jon a photo of himself standing in front of the statue. Meanwhile, Nicole finds her answer and is told to take a picture of herself with an Argentinean flag in front of a particular building.

Craig moves on to his second clue: "It takes two to tango at this teatro where Portenos perform for some big dinero." Craig discusses it with the clerks in the store, and comes up with a guess, which Jon tells him is wrong. Craig keeps guessing, and keeps getting it wrong.

Nicole keeps sending photos of herself in front of the statue, but she doesn't seems to understand the part where she's supposed to be holding the flag. Jon gives up trying to explain it to her when she snaps at him, and he cutely rolls his eyes at her. Heh. Even Jon gets annoyed with Nicole. Meanwhile, Mark's brilliant plan of relying on locals instead of his map has caused him to get lost on the way to his first location.

Jon teases Nicole for hanging up on him earlier and repeats the clue to her. She finally catches her snap and borrows a flag from a nearby vendor, but claims that she was "totally put off" for the rest of the mission. She was mad because she's an idiot with poor listening skills? So she decided to avoid the chance to win more money? And she's a doctor? Jesus. Nicole's next clue: "Slowly heat milk and you will discover the nation's top sweet that is brownish in color." Nicole knows that is dulce de leche. Jon gives Nicole her next task, which is to convince someone to buy her a dulce de leche and take a picture of herself drinking it. Nicole bitches and moans about being forced at gunpoint to hang out in foreign countries and solve easy clues and potentially win lots of money.

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