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The Mole Was Here

In the opening series of interviews, Mark bemoans the loss of Clay from the game, Craig still suspects Paul and Nicole, Nicole can't help but do well on exams, and Paul is psyched to be in the final four.

Buenos Aires, Argentina. Jon informs the players that the pot currently stands at $331,000, and today's mission, called "How's the View?" is worth $64,000. Jon asks for two players who are young at heart, and everyone but Mark raises his or her hand, so Mark does too, just to join in. Paul and Craig end up being the chosen two, and Jon tells them to split up into pairs, with Paul and Craig on separate teams. Nicole and Craig team up, and Paul and Mark team up. Jon says that today's mission is an obstacle course for kids. The non-"young at heart" players take a camera and film the course, and then the "young at heart" players have to wear these goggles that only allow them to see what the camera is filming. And it's backwards, which makes it more confusing.

Paul and Mark go first. Mark has the camera and Paul has the goggles. First, Paul has to put shapes into a cube with holes in it. You all had this toy as a kid, I'm sure. I know I did. It's tougher because the camera shows everything backwards. Paul keeps blaming the equipment but manages to get everything done within the time limit.

Nicole and Craig go next. Nicole claims that she's a laparoscopic surgeon so she's totally used to this sort of physical task. Craig asks Nicole a question, and she answers, but she's not supposed to talk. Craig finishes and Jon says that only the first two pieces count, since Nicole spoke.

Next, Paul has to kick a soccer ball in a net. Paul misses by a ton. Craig goes next. He misses the first, and then whiffs on the second before kicking it way out of bounds.

In the third task, Paul has to pour tea into tiny teacups without spilling any. Paul suspects Mark of messing with the camera and not showing the views that he needed. Paul manages to fill three, but the third one doesn't count, because he spilled. Craig fills three cups but only one of them had no spills. He overfilled a few of the cups and then bumped the table, which made Nicole suspicious.

In the final task, the people with goggles have to walk across a plank suspended between some two-story buildings. Oh, hell no. If I couldn't even fill a teacup, I definitely wouldn't want to try to walk the plank. I know they wear harnesses and everything, but still. Paul has to walk the plank and then pick up a piece of chalk in the middle. After picking up the chalk, he'll have one minute to get to the other side and then write a message on the chalkboard. Paul wobbles his way to the chalk and then picks it up. He's still blaming the faulty equipment, but manages to make it across to the chalkboard and write the message. Mark doesn't show him the whole message at first ("The Mole was here"), so he misses the first word, but gets it in at the last second.

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The Mole




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