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The players enter their cells. They all have the same puzzle, which I guess makes it fair, and it's the same one they showed in the example: CELL to MOLE. Mark figures it out first (in fifty-three seconds) and Jon points him to the sniper's nest. Nicole gets an answer but it's wrong. Craig gets out next, and then Nicole. After seven minutes, Paul is still working on it, and doesn't even have any of the words. It seems that Paul doesn't even quite understand how the puzzle is supposed to work. Craig and Nicole decide to wait for Paul, hoping that he'll have some paintball strategies. Paul finally figures it out after almost fifteen minutes. They should all run through together if they can, right?

They decide that one of them needs to draw fire away from the other two, so they just have to hope that the person they choose doesn't have the exemption, right? The runners all work well together so that Mark can't hit any one of them. He manages to hit Paul, but the paint pellet doesn't break. But he does manage to hit Nicole, and while Mark is distracted by Nicole claiming that she's out, Paul takes off like a rabbit. Slow Craig gets hit too, immediately afterwards. I think Mark didn't shoot nearly enough pellets. I would have been firing them up all the time. Anyway, Paul earned $15,000 for the pot since he made it through, and now they have to find out who had the exemption. Mark is hoping it wasn't Paul. Each player reveals their card: Nicole's card is empty, but Craig's card says exemption, so Mark does get the exemption and a spot in the finals. Good. I was kind of worried that Mark would have a heart attack. Paul doesn't think it's fair that there was an exemption this late in the game, although he thinks if anyone should have it, it should be Mark.

The players gather for their pre-quiz dinner. Paul seems very nervous and antsy. Craig thinks that he and Mark are forces for good and Paul and Nicole are forces of evil. Paul admits to everyone that he doesn't think Nicole is The Mole. Mark says he doesn't feel guilty about getting the exemption.

The players take the quiz. Paul interviews that he thinks Craig is The Mole, and has thought so all along. Craig interviews that he's answering all of the questions towards one person, which is a huge risk. Nicole interviews that Craig tends to break rules, which seems like Mole activity, because Craig isn't dumb.

Jon welcomes everyone to the results, and remind them that Mark has an exemption, so he won't be going home tonight. Everyone seems very nervous. Paul is first, and he is... executed. Nicole is shocked, because she was sure she was going home. So if Paul thought Craig was The Mole, and he's going home, does that mean that Craig's not The Mole? Or did Nicole just answer the questions faster? I bet that's what happened because Nicole has said in the past that she answered the questions quickly. Nicole says she thought it would be sweet to beat Paul, but she's kind of sorry to see him go, because he was a great motivator.

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