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One Loser, One Winner, And One Mole

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One Loser, One Winner, And One Mole

This season on Celebrity Mole: Lots of stuff happened. Seriously, it was just a series of clips from the season, and if you really want to know what happened, read the recaps. The package ends with each celebrity claiming that he or she is not The Mole.

Ahmad welcomes us to the final episode and announces that tonight, they will reveal who is the winner, who is the runner-up, and who is The Mole. This taping is taking place a few months after the final quiz, and now Kathy, Erik, and Frederique are sitting in small rooms, waiting to find out the results. Also, all of the original contestants will return to rehash the season. Before we find anything out, Ahmad introduces clip packages designed to show how each of the three have had Mole-ish moments.

First, Erik's Mole maneuvers are explained in a series of interviews. Kathy says it's hard to say whether Erik is "young and stupid" or The Mole. Michael says that Erik doesn't talk much and when he does, it's usually a lie. Kathy brings up how, when they were digging up coffins, Erik saw that one of them contained only bones and yet refused to take the money on the chance that it might contain their prize. Ahmad offered Erik $60,000 for the pot for giving up his exemption, and Erik took it. Michael thought that "made him look both less like The Mole and more like The Mole." Erik also claimed he could surf for a minute even though Frederique only stayed up for ten seconds.

Let's look at what Frederique has done. Kathy says that Frederique is fairly guarded and you never know what she's thinking. Erik points out that when Frederique was hanging under the waterfall, she was in an ideal position to grab a bucket and she stalled. Corbin was suspicious that Frederique couldn't get American Beauty during underwater charades. Corbin told Frederique that she was The Mole if she didn't eat the hot pepper and cost them $25,000. Frederique refused to eat it.

And finally, Kathy. Michael says that Kathy is brilliant and angry, qualities that would make for a good Mole. And also, Michael thinks that she's funny, which puts everyone at ease. During the sheep herding, Michael noticed that Kathy wasn't really doing anything. Erik finds it odd that Kathy only tried to surf for ten minutes before giving up. Frederique thought it was sabotage when Kathy answered every question the same on the questionnaire.

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