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One Loser, One Winner, And One Mole

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One Loser, One Winner, And One Mole

Ahmad returns and introduces the four executed players: Kim Coles, Stephen Baldwin, Corbin Bernsen, and Michael Boatman. Ahmad asks why they didn't make it to the final round, and they all laugh. Michael Boatman says that he was wrong in every choice that he made. Stephen says that obviously Michael was less wrong than Stephen was. Kim thinks it was too early in the game for her, and that she'd only spent two days with the others. Corbin says that he's still playing the game, and that he's behind one of the doors. Everyone laughs. Ahmad asks if the game was more difficult than Corbin thought it would be. Corbin says that it was, and that it was very intense. Michael points out that you don't know what to believe from the moment you arrive until the moment you are executed. Michael jokes that he's still not sure that Corbin isn't The Mole. Stephen pipes up, "The whole thing's wack!" Who still says "wack"? That's so early '90s. Catch up, Baldwin. Ahmad asks if they are waiting for him to say that there's another twist. They agree. Ahmad says that he's not going to say that. Well, clearly. Because this is a classy reality show, not Joe Millionaire.

Ahmad goes down the line and asks each of them who they think is the winner, and who is The Mole. Kim says she thinks Frederique is The Mole and Kathy is the winner. Stephen thinks that Erik is The Mole and he thinks, or hopes, that Frederique is the winner. Corbin sounds sure that Kathy is The Mole and Erik wins the money. Michael agrees with Kim and says that Frederique is The Mole and Kathy is the winner. Stephen interrupts to say that he thinks he should have been The Mole and Corbin should have been the winner. Shut up, Stephen. You lost. Give up. ["Seriously. Go sell your blood, deadbeat." -- Wing Chun] Ahmad announces that next we will find out who is the winner, who is the loser, and who is The Mole. And again, if this were Joe Millionaire, by "next," Ahmad would mean "in a future episode." I'm sorry. I'm still not over that travesty.

But unlike that travesty, this show will deliver. Ahmad reminds us that the player who scored highest on the final quiz will be the winner, and that it's time to find out who that person is. Erik, Frederique, and Kathy put their hand on a digital hand scanner. The winner's hand will unlock his or her door, so that he or she can exit. There's a lot of dramatic footage of the hands being scanned, like that has anything to do with whether or not the door unlocks. Please. A door opens and...Kathy walks out. Kim laughs hysterically. Corbin is shocked. Kathy asks Ahmad if they screwed up, because she can't believe she's the winner of $233,000. Michael can't believe it either and he says it can't be right. Kathy agrees.

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The Mole




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