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One Loser, One Winner, And One Mole

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One Loser, One Winner, And One Mole

Now it's time to find out who The Mole is. Frederique and Erik place their hands on the bogus scanners. A door unlocks. It opens and...Frederique walks out and does a little dance. The other players laugh and laugh. Michael says he wants Frederique dead, and Kim says she didn't stay long enough to want Frederique dead. Ahmad says that even he had no idea that it was Frederique. Stephen tries to focus attention back on himself by yelling that he was wrong about everything! Yeah, we know, dude. That's why you were the second person executed. Stop trying to hog the limelight. Erik is still stuck in his room, and he looks like he's about to cry. Corbin says he owes Erik a huge apology. Erik finally walks out and everyone claps for him and says he was "much maligned." Erik and Kathy hug. Ahmad says that Erik is The Mole's last victim. Corbin demands to see a red screen on the television, and the producers comply (or edit it in such a way that it looks like they complied). Ahmad says that after the break, we will learn about Kathy and Erik's secret alliance. Everyone is surprised to hear about that, and Kathy says she thought it was private. Does it matter anymore?

When we return, Ahmad reviews what we already know. Ahmad says that Kathy will no longer be known as Kathy Griffin from Suddenly Susan -- she's now Kathy Griffin, winner of Celebrity Mole. First of all, no, she won't. And second of all, is that really a promotion? I love this show and all, but let's not pretend like it's got great status or anything. Ahmad says that on the nights they were executed, Stephen and Corbin both picked Kathy as The Mole. Stephen says that Kathy is "such a psychopath." Kathy goes, "I'm the psychopath? It never stops. What is wrong with this guy?" Everyone laughs.

Ahmad says that Kathy was a fan of reality television, so she came in knowing that she wanted a coalition, and found one with Erik, although they made an unlikely pair. Ahmad introduces a clip package showing how the coalition came about. It turns out that Kathy wasted no time trying to set something up. Minutes after the helicopter landed, she approached Stephen. That set up the clip where Stephen said that Kathy asked him to her room and Kathy said Stephen thought she meant she wanted to have sex with him. It's always interesting to me to see clips we've seen before, but now with additional context. Kathy says that she doesn't have a coalition with Stephen, but laughs that she will have an affair with him. Next, Kathy turned to Frederique. In an interview, Kathy says Frederique gave her a look insinuating that there was no way they could have a coalition, and then started talking about human nature. We see Frederique giving a little speech about seeing people's personalities unfold. In an interview, Kathy says she thought, "Oh, for God's sake. Do you want to be in a coalition or not?" She adds that she didn't have time for that, so she moved on. Next, Kathy moved on to Kim Coles, but didn't get the chance to ask her, because she was the first one executed.

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The Mole




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