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One Loser, One Winner, And One Mole

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One Loser, One Winner, And One Mole

After Kim was executed, Stephen said he was just glad Frederique was still there. Kathy goes on a rant: "You know, how come it's always about Frederique, Frederique, Frederique? I hate all of you! 'Thank God, Frederique's here. Otherwise, we'd have to look at that big cow, Kathy. And I might vomit!'" In an interview, Stephen says, "Frederique? There is a God." In a different interview, he says that he's a married man, but "not having Frederique out there in a thong was absolute horseshit." Okay, he won me over a bit with the word "horseshit." In an interview, Stephen does a bit where he pretends to be talking to Frederique. When it finishes, everyone dies laughing. Ahmad asks Stephen what his strategy was. Stephen says he just wanted to have a really good time. Ahmad says that somebody stopped the party short. Stephen says he's proud of his stupidity.

Ahmad segues to talk about Corbin, who didn't seem to be having a good time. Corbin says that he watched tapes of the previous seasons and was impressed by the clues, like how Bill was an Admiral and they had pictures of boats on the wall. But weren't most of those clues meant for the viewers and not the players? It seems like they were largely elements that only viewers could see. I guess Corbin missed that part, because he was too busy looking for clues. Ahmad says that Corbin was obsessed with looking for clues where none existed, and introduces a clip package about "Inspector Clue-seau."

Corbin tells the camera that this is going to be bigger than anyone thinks. He picks up the salt and pepper shakers and says that it must be a clue, and then finds the letters S and P on them. Um, those initials stand for "salt" and "pepper"? In an interview, Corbin babbles like a crazy person about something. Seriously, he sounds schizophrenic. At dinner, Corbin made everyone switch seats. In an interview, Kathy says she likes watching Corbin lose it. At dinner, Corbin says that the one coffin they didn't get to open was that of Kevin Spacey, and Stephen was in The Usual Suspects with Kevin Spacey. In an interview, Corbin says he thinks there could be two Moles. Corbin tells everyone to add up their room numbers. In an interview, Corbin says it's driving him nuts. Frederique asks if Corbin is really that big a freak. In an interview, Corbin says that you read about detectives getting consumed by a case, and it destroys them, and this is similar for him. At dinner, Corbin crawls underneath the table, and he emerges claiming he knows who The Mole is. In an interview, Corbin says he noticed that the candles on the table were in descending order, and he concluded that one of the people on the show is the youngest of four brothers (Baldwin). But doesn't Baldwin have a sister, too? Corbin guesses that he might be thinking way too much. You think? I say this with all of the love in the world, but I seriously have heard some of those theories from people on our forums, especially the "two moles" theory. That comes up every season. Ahmad tells Corbin that he was consumed. Corbin claims that he's over it now. Stephen says he's done some crazy things, but when Corbin blew a gasket at dinner, it was really crazy. Corbin keeps saying that he just wanted an exemption, but Stephen insists that he had a meltdown. I kind of think they both had a meltdown.

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