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One Loser, One Winner, And One Mole

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One Loser, One Winner, And One Mole

Ahmad says that since the game was dominated by strong personalities, Frederique was able to fly under the radar. He introduces a clip package to show how Frederique did it. Ahmad voice-overs that The Mole doesn't sabotage every game, but that Frederique was always looking for opportunities, and was the stealthiest Mole to date. Few suspected her, and not one person chose her as The Mole until the final quiz. Wow, that is impressive. We see Stephen telling Corbin and Frederique that no one in their vehicle is The Mole. Frederique agrees. In an interview, Stephen says that if Frederique is The Mole, he'll eat his hat. In the first game, Frederique says she was able to stall and use her accent to pretend she was confused. She claims she could have easily filled the basket with water. And then, she totally blamed Corbin for her failures. Ahmad voice-overs that it cost the group $10,000. During the underwater charades, Frederique sabotaged by not getting answers, but says she couldn't believe that Stephen couldn't figure out American Beauty, but she tried to sidetrack him and make him look Mole-ish. Ahmad says that the money just happened to be in the one charade they didn't solve, and it was $25,000. In an interview, Frederique says that in "Offshore Account," she was instructed to be the one who looked good on the beach, but Corbin picked Erik. Ahmad voice-overs that Frederique was supposed to be offered the exemption to keep $60,000 from the pot. Frederique had to improvise and sabotage the raft. In an interview, Frederique says that everyone paid attention to Corbin so she loosened up a few knots. She adds that since Erik turned down the exemption and took the money for the pot, she had to sabotage the next game.

The next game was "Hot Pepper Looky Looky [sic]," which Frederique blatantly sabotaged but it didn't hurt her because at that point, everyone suspected Michael. She cost the team $25,000, but Ahmad informs us that not one person picked her as The Mole on that night's quiz. In an interview, Corbin says that in his heart of hearts, he doesn't believe Frederique is The Mole. Next, Frederique and Kathy had to surf. Frederique says she knew Kathy couldn't do it, so she tried to do well, which helped take some of the suspicion off her. Then Kathy, Frederique, and Michael were trying to prevent Erik from getting an exemption as well as win $20,000 for the pot. Frederique says that her goal was to come in just after Erik finished. Ahmad voice-overs that Frederique knew where Erik was, so she purposely slowed down and came in a minute too late. But what was up with that security guard? I guess that was legit.

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The Mole




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