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One Loser, One Winner, And One Mole

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One Loser, One Winner, And One Mole

Ahmad announces again that Kathy won $233,000 and that Frederique was The Mole. He thanks the other five celebrities and wishes us goodnight. Hey, where was the part from the promo where Stephen called Erik Dino-pimp? Actually, that was good misdirection because it made me think Erik won, and he totally didn't.

Well, that's it for this season. Thanks for reading my recaps; I hope there will be another non-celebrity season fairly soon. Or another celebrity season, even. I had my doubts about this one, but it was a lot of fun. Although that was largely due to Kathy, and I don't think they'll let her play again. See you!

Oh, one last thing. I've been remiss in not recapping the credits segment each week, largely because usually my recording stopped before they were shown. But here's the full transcription of what Kathy actually said when Stephen expressed thanks that Frederique was still around after Kim's execution: "What the fuck? Am I not here, you assholes? You guys can all suck it. I fucking hate you assholes. How come it's all about Frederique, Frederique, Frederique? And you know, Frederique, I hate you too. I hate all of you." And then she breaks up laughing and Stephen falls on the floor. Goodnight!

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