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After a quick recap of the season so far, Jon Kelly welcomes us to the finale. He's super-smiley. I'm pleased to see that the producers have kept the schtick where the three remaining players are shut into little booths with all the executed/bribed players waiting outside.

First up is a look at each remaining player's shady moments, and they each had more than one. I think Mark's examples are a little weak, though; he pushed hard to get an exemption for himself, and also backed out of the "walking around in your underwear" mission. Unlike Nicole and Craig's shady moments, which were actually shady, Mark's didn't seem that weird. So watch him be The Mole now.

Bobby claimed to be the show's biggest fan, and bragged about his physical prowess in his application video. In reality, he was weak and near death at all times. Bobby says that he feels great now, and claims that he wore himself out in the beginning and felt worthless. Everyone is giggling, so I'm still not buying it.

So after hearing about exactly one contestant, now we're going to find out who is The Mole. Jon has a key which will open the winner's door. He inserts the keys into the locked cubicles, and the three players try to use them. So who won all the money? It's Mark! Everyone cheers like crazy. Strange that they didn't poll the executed players about who they thought was the winner like in previous seasons. Jon asks Mark how surprised he is, and Mark says he's shocked and humbled. Dude won $420,000! He hopes that this is enough money that his wife can stay home with their kids.

Now Jon announces that we'll find out who The Mole is. Jon lets Mark open The Mole's door, since he knows who it is. And The Mole is...Craig! Craig congratulates Mark and tells him that he was built for this game. They remember to let Nicole out and there's weak applause. Do they have to let her talk? I really have no interest in what she has to say.

So now we're going to look back at Nicole's story -- basically, she was a bitch and everyone hated her at first, which she claimed was her strategy. Paul also was running a similar strategy, and suspected Craig from day one. Paul hoped to divert attention away from Craig and "create chaos to distract the other players." Nicole and Paul sort of accidentally worked together to distract everyone from the game. Nicole suspected Bobby early on. Paul attacked Bobby at dinner to throw him off, and it worked. Nicole moved on to suspect Victoria, and the only thing keeping Nicole in the game was her ability to take the quizzes quickly. Once Victoria was executed, Nicole started splitting her answers among several players. Paul started having an effect on Nicole, and she threatened to self-execute, but her pride wouldn't let her. In the end, Nicole and Paul both knew Craig was The Mole, but they tied on the last quiz, and Nicole was four seconds faster. So how did Nicole lose out to Mark in the final quiz? They haven't really addressed that -- she knew Craig was The Mole and she was the Quiz Master, so how did that happen?

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