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Jon asks Nicole what was her deal with Paul. Nicole says that Paul knew that she was his biggest competition, and it did rattle her. Paul is frustrated that he knew that Craig was The Mole from the beginning but still lost by four seconds. Jon asks Ali about her comments that Nicole is crazy, and while Ali struggles to explain, Nicole gets all bitchy towards her. You can't pretend to be crazy to rattle people and then get mad when they think you're crazy. Sigh.

It's time for Mark's story. His strategy was to form a coalition with Clay, and they targeted Victoria. Man, it wasn't just the forum readers -- a lot of the players thought Victoria was The Mole as well. At the next execution, there was a three-way tie between Victoria, Alex and Mark, and Victoria had the slowest time. In fact, Victoria knew Craig was The Mole, but in her rush, answered one question incorrectly; otherwise, Mark would have gone home. The burning of the journals threw Mark off, but then he got back on track. Mark also tied with Kristen the night that she was executed, but got a faster time. Mark and Clay started targeting Nicole, but so did Alex, which is why Mark and Clay stuck around. The next week, Mark and Clay tied, but Clay was slower. Mark still thought Nicole was The Mole, but was starting to have doubts. A visit with his wife re-energized him, and he got the final exemption. Mark decided to trust Clay when he said that he targeted Nicole on the quiz, and was then executed, leading Mark to believe that Craig must be The Mole. He answered that way on the final quiz, and that's how he pulled it off. Wow. That was a lot of luck.

After the clip package ends, Mark says that he was pretty sure that he tied with the executed players more than once. He gives a lot of credit to Clay for helping him out and keeping him in the game. Mark says that he didn't think he won the final quiz because Nicole is so smart. Nicole says that she knew that she didn't perform that well on the final quiz. Jon adds that the dossier that Mark got to see had only one answer on the final quiz, and Nicole got it right, too. On the final quiz, Nicole got 13 out of 20, and Mark got 17 out of 20.

Jon asks Craig how he kept Mark off his trail. Craig says that he befriended Mark, and pretended to be clueless and in need of help. Victoria says that it was crazy to know that she tied with the winner, and it makes her wonder if she could have won. Jon says that on the night that she was executed, four other players had her pegged as The Mole, so she clearly had them roped in.

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