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So how did Craig do it? And what did he sabotage? His strategy was to be the fun, lovable guy, and it worked. He wanted people to think he was trying but incompetent. In the waterfall mission, Craig dropped the bag as he was told, and people cheered for him anyway. In the Robinson Crusoe mission, Craig covered up the tobacco tin and pretended not to see the copper kettle. In the Race to the Summit, Craig was supposed to be a bike rider, but got blocked, so he "accidentally" scored a goal on his own team. In the Pigs Fly mission, Craig told Bobby to get into the wheelbarrow. In Fruit of the Luge, he talked to Victoria after crossing the finish line but the group blamed Victoria. In the Travelers mission, he was told to assign modes of transportation that the players couldn't possibly do. He didn't think they would refuse to do it, but it helped him because the other players blamed Mark for being the first to opt out. In How's the View, Craig got Nicole to speak and performed poorly while walking on the board. In Cell Out, Craig was given the answer to the puzzle but was trying to make it look realistic, and then Mark got the answer faster than anyone imagined he would. So Craig arranged to get himself shot in the paintball portion. In Tick Tock Boom, Craig had all the answers, so he guided the group to success because he felt bad for them. Jon announces that Craig kept over $100,000 out of the pot, and no one but Paul voted for him as The Mole until Week 7. That's pretty impressive. Craig admits that he played into the stereotype of the jolly, dumb, fat guy. Then there's clips of all of the executed players talking about how funny and awesome Craig is, and how he can't be The Mole. Awesome.

Jon ask Craig if he has anything to say to the others. Craig thanks them for being good sports, and says he had a good time. Jon asks Mark why Craig was a good Mole. Mark thinks Craig's affability was an asset, so you didn't want to believe he was The Mole. Paul would like to see Craig playing the game, and Craig says that he would play it exactly the same if he weren't The Mole. Jon asks if Craig was really sick in the Andes Mountains, and Craig says that he really was sick. He was just supposed to be a player in that mission, and the few people on the set who knew who Craig was looked really nervous when he collapsed. Damn. That must have been scary. Jon leads everyone in a big round of applause for Craig.

Hidden clues! Hidden clues! Hidden clues! In week one, The Mole delivered a message from The Mole with the sign on the beach. In week two, they wanted us to know that Ali the model was not The Mole, so in the map, there was a one-frame clue that said "NOT ALI." In week three, the hidden clue in the main title pointed to the identity of the final three -- there were three numbers that were the area codes of Craig, Nicole, and Mark's hometowns. In week four, there were audio clues: a school bell signified Mark, a baby's cry signified Nicole and Craig's laugh signified Craig. In week five, there was graffiti on the wall behind Mark that said CRG for Craig. In the recap episode, they replayed all five episodes, and added another one-frame clue in the first map: the latitude and longitude of San Diego, Craig's hometown. In week six, all of Craig's interviews had the same background: sculptures of two letter i's, except once when there were four i's, or four eyes, and Craig was the only player to wear glasses. In week seven, the words roja corbata were hidden in a bumper, which means "red tie." Craig wore a red tie. In week eight, Craig's name was not called. In fact, Craig's name was never called in any execution in any week. In week nine, there was a hidden audio clue in the show graphics that, when played backwards, said "Craig is The Mole." And if those sound crazy to you, I can promise that there were crazier clues proposed in the forums.

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