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Part The Eighth

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Part The Eighth

Previously on The Mole: Charlie dubs Jim, Steve, and Kathryn "the unholy trinity." Kathryn confesses that she wants to trust someone for a few minutes. Steven has to convince the others to do tests that are risky or appear risky, and is successful in all three cases, earning himself an exemption. Charlie gets executed, and Steven feels that Charlie "committed Mole suicide" and I still don't know what that means. Steven is humbled that the others trusted him the most, and Kathryn tells him not to be too humbled, although when we saw that clip last week, Kathryn was totally joking around, and this week, they made it out like she was serious.

Ever-shorter credits. Anderson stands in a bullfighting arena and tells us that Charlie was The Mole's seventh victim. The remaining three had become friends, "or so they said," and Anderson reminds us, "in this game, friendship can become a weapon."

In an interview, Jim says that he's still there. Steven says that Kathryn is not his type, both because of how she looks and because she's smarter than him, and denies that he's flirting with her. I never thought he was. Kathryn thinks that it's worth it to be heading into the finals with two friends. Jim sits with an arm thrown over his head like an orangutan, and says that you can never be sure in this game, because if you're sure about anything then you're in trouble.

Jim, Kathryn, and Steve sit in a restaurant somewhere. Jim voice-overs that he thinks "The Mole is going to be more active at this stage of the game." Kathryn uses a video camera to ask the others who The Mole is. Jim and Steve both claim that they are. Jim gets the camera and asks the same question of Kathryn and Steve, who point to one another. In an interview, Kathryn says that it's been "sort of weird since Charlie's been executed," because she feels like their "bonds are weakening." As the players play a game of dominoes, Kathryn tells us that her theory is that Steve is The Mole, and Jim knows it, and their whole "bosom buddy act is designed to keep [her] away from Steve." So which one is Tom Hanks, and which one is Peter Scolari? Steve says that his partnership with Jim will "probably do [him] in." In an interview, Jim says that if it turns out that Steve is The Mole, Jim will see it "clear as day," in hindsight. They knock down the line of dominoes that they had set up. Anderson asks if "the coalition will do one of them in," and notes that we'll soon find out. Jim remarks to Steve that he's "playing a good game if [he's] The Mole," and Steve smiles.

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