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Part The End

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Part The End

Tonight on The Mole: They "reunite the players and show [us] how The Mole outwitted them all." We see various shots of executed players hugging and greeting one another. Jennifer has a really terrible short haircut. It's basically the same footage we saw at the end of the final episode.

Previously on The Mole: "It all began in the California desert." The players greet each other and joke about The Mole's identity. They jumped out of a plane. They rode in boats and helicopters. Henry and Jennifer got into a spat. Kate couldn't walk up the hill very quickly. Wendi screamed while running through the maze. Charlie got knocked down by a bull. Jennifer did, too. Wendi hung out in a stockade. Jennifer showed off Kate's nude portrait. Jennifer yelled at Kate to cover her in the sniper test. Charlie was reunited with his wife (and for a second, I thought his wife was Kate -- what's up with that?). Charlie got drunk and made rude comments about Kate, and then did the same thing while sober. Jennifer was bitchy. Charlie successfully walked the plank blindfolded. We see the montage of the red thumbprint, where each player is executed. Anderson tells the three finalists that they wanted to be in the finals together, and now they are. Thanks, Captain Obvious. The three of them point Mole fingers at the others. In an interview, Jim says that it's the final execution, and he's either going to be "gratified or duped."

Anderson welcomes all of the previously executed players. They're sitting in a small room in two rows: Henry, Jennifer, Kate, and Charlie in front, and Manuel, Afi, and Wendi in back. Anderson points out that this is the first time they've all been together since each person was executed. He throws it over to Charlie, who has something to say. Charlie hesitantly (I don't think the hesitation was about his feelings, but more about finding the right words) apologizes to Kate for all the mean things he said. I bet his wife made him do that. Kate looks fantastic, by the way. Charlie says that Kate was "a real trooper," and that the two of them should have gotten along a lot better. Kate shakes his hand and gives him a kiss, saying that it was all "part of the game." Everyone laughs and cheers.

Anderson wants to go around the room and ask the players who they think is The Mole, and who they think is the winner. Manuel starts. Who? Exactly. He thinks that Kathryn is The Mole and Jim is the winner. Seriously, does anyone give him any credence? He was with the group for, like, three days, and he hasn't watched the episodes like the rest of us. Afi agrees that Jim is the winner, but she thinks that Steven is The Mole. Afi takes so long to say it that Anderson has to clarify. I think Afi and Wendi went out for drinks before the taping. Wendi says that Steven is The Mole and Kathryn is the winner. Henry agrees completely. Jennifer thinks that they're all wrong: Jim is The Mole, and Steven is the winner. Kate thinks that Steven is The Mole and Jim is the winner, although she thinks it was "really close with Kathryn." Charlie jokes that he's not picking any of the executed people. Ha ha. Give that man his own sitcom. Actually, they already have that Fighting Fitzgeralds show with Brian Dennehy, and that's pretty much the same thing. Charlie thinks that Kathryn is The Mole and that Jim is the winner, because Kathryn is Jim's "close, close buddy."

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