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Part The End

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Part The End

Anderson asks Charlie if he would play the game again. Charlie says that halfway through, he would have said no, but now he thinks he would. Anderson asks Jim what he would do differently, and Jim says he would do nothing different. Well, except win, probably. Anderson points that out and Jim says that winning isn't everything. Jim thinks he played the game well, but maybe he would have worn the casts. Anderson asks Jennifer what the best part of the game was, and she says that it meeting all of the other people and traveling and making friends. Kathryn says that when Jennifer said that she would applaud The Mole, Kathryn was happy because she knew that Jennifer wouldn't hate her.

Kathryn was worried that all the people would hate her at the end, and "The Mole shouldn't care." Anderson says, "But you were a Mole with a heart." Anderson asks what the best part of the experience was for Kathryn. She replies that it was a unique experience, and "intellectually challenging and physically challenging," and that she would do it again. Actually, Kathryn would like to do it again, but this time as a player. Throughout the experience, Kathryn kept thinking that if she were playing she would win.

Anderson asks Steven what the best part of the experience was for him. Steve says that it was the end, when he won. Duh. Steve goes on to say that he enjoyed meeting everybody.

Anderson asks Kathryn for advice for future Moles. Kathryn advises them to show no mercy. Anderson asks Jim what his advice would be, and Jim says he agrees with Kathryn that the Mole should show no mercy, because it's just a game.

Anderson concludes that Steve is the winner, and goes home with the money. Kathryn is The Mole and goes home with "the satisfaction of a job well done." The show ends with a plug for people to sign up for the second season at the ABC website. You should! That would be cool. Let me know if you make it.

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