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Part The End

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Part The End

Anderson asks how many of them tried to be The Mole, "at one point or another." The cameraman totally misses the shot, showing only Wendi and Charlie, so that we don't get to see who raised their hands. Anyway, Wendi and Afi both did, definitely. Kate says that she didn't actively try, but her own incompetence worked in her favor. Nice. Wendi says that she suspected Kate. Hey, me too! Manuel starts trying to say something like, "Remember the first part..." but no one listens to him because he was the first one executed. Anderson segues to the commercial by saying that, next, we will all learn who The Mole is. Oh, I'm so nervous! As a teaser, we see the group of executed players learning who The Mole is and expressing shock.

When we return, we see the results of the poll on the question: "Who is The Mole?" Jim got 29% of the vote, Kathryn got 34%, and Steven got 37%. Anderson welcomes us back. Before we get to find out who is The Mole, we're going to take a look at each remaining player's "suspicious moments." God, they really are drawing this out. I guess it makes sense for the casual viewer, though.

First up is Jim. During the "Hostage Rescue Test," they couldn't find Jim. He was driving the van somewhere. In the "Carriage Library Test," Jim put his hand on the right book and then walked away. During the "Dice Test," Jim refused to put casts on both of his legs. I notice that the one casting the most aspersions on Jim is Kathryn. Because, you know, she's totally The Mole, and needs to deflect suspicion.

Next up is Kathryn. During the "Cartier Watch Test," Kathryn wasted time by calling more jewelers. Sure, but they still won the money on that one. Also, Kathryn refused to shave her head in the "Dice Test." During the "Fortress Test," Kathryn was guarding the interior, and they lost. Jim thinks the whole thing was a little too convenient.

Steven is the last one. Kathryn tells us that during the "Hostage Rescue Test," they called Steven, who said that he could hear their helicopter, when they weren't even in the right town. During the "Dice Test," Steven refused to pose nude. Kathryn thinks it was odd, since his wife would have posed nude. During the "Three Questions Test," Steven just answered his questions randomly, making it impossible for the others to guess his answers and thus win the money.

Anderson tells the executed players that it's time for them to find out who is The Mole's eighth victim. They all watch the monitor, and Manuel rubs his hands together. Steve, Kathryn, and Jim take their final quiz. After taking the quiz, the players were sequestered and then given the results individually. Anderson tells an unseen person that he'll be entering the person's name into the computer, and explains the whole thumbprint thing, like don't they know how that works by now? I guess it's kind of like the whole "extinguishing the torch" speech that Jeff Probst gives on Survivor -- it's part of the ritual. Except Anderson is about ten million times cooler than Probst. Anyway, we still don't see who is sitting there. Anderson types in a name, but we don't see it. Very suspenseful. The red thumbprint appears, and we see that it was Jim. Jim is The Mole's eighth victim. The previously executed players react with shock and dismay, except Charlie, who claps. Jim hangs his head, and then looks up and smiles. He gets up and grabs his bag. Aw, Anderson carries it for him. Anderson tells Jim that he "played very well," but Jim ruefully says, "Not well enough!"

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