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Part The End

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Part The End

Anderson asks people whether they were surprised upon learning The Mole's identity. Henry definitely was. Kate says that she picked Kathryn "from the first two quizzes," but that Kathryn played it so well that Kate switched. Anderson sees a smile on Charlie's face, since Charlie guessed that Kathryn was The Mole "from day one." Charlie says that he always stuck with Kathryn as his pick, and he was waiting for an "overt or covert act to solidify it," but he never got one. But, he never got one from anyone else, so he stuck with Kathryn. So, it was just Charlie's lack of attention to detail that got him executed? Interesting.

Anderson tells us, "So, Kathryn Price is The Mole." I won't gloat much, because I only picked her about three weeks ago. I'll let the people who picked her the first week gloat. Kathryn is "not an actress," but is really a lawyer from Chicago. Anderson compliments her again, like just do her already! Anderson asks her what was the most difficult part of being The Mole. Kathryn says that she had to lie "twenty-four hours a day," in her interviews, and even in her journal. Anderson makes a lame lawyer joke, like, those are so 1988. Kathryn says that she was "terrified someone would find [her] journal and read it," so she wrote the whole journal as if she were a player, talking about her suspicions and how nervous she was about getting executed.

Anderson asks her about trying to get close to people and yet not being able to be herself. Kathryn thinks that everyone felt mixed emotions to some degree, because everyone was trying to raise suspicions, but that she might have had some extra stress. Anderson uses that to introduce footage of some of Kathryn's "more difficult moments." He chuckles and she laughs. They have so much chemistry -- I think they should get their own sitcom. I would watch it! The footage shows Kathryn's final confession. She confesses that she is The Mole, and notes that she's never said it out loud. She says that she "didn't anticipate how hard it would be to just constantly, constantly lie." We see footage of Kathryn sitting alone by a pool, and during the fortress attack. Kathryn voice-overs that "a chunk of [herself] couldn't be revealed." We see Kathryn "crying" while Kate comforts her after the fortress test. Kathryn says that in some ways, she was rooting for the team to win money because she liked the people, but that wasn't her job. We see Kathryn cheering Kate after the dice test. Kathryn says, "Kate was onto me early. She was the hardest." During the Cartier test, Kathryn tries to stall for time, but Kate's having none of it. Kathryn says that she sensed when Kate decided Kathryn was The Mole, because there was "a distance there." Kathryn tries to throw suspicion on Kate after the sniper test, when Kate was trying to earn an exemption. Kathryn says that she could also tell when Kate's suspicions moved away from her. Kathryn says, "The hardest part of being The Mole was when I knew that someone was not onto me and I knew that they were going to lose." We see Manuel being executed. Aw, that would be hard. After Manuel's execution, Kathryn says that she is "relieved and tired and sad, for Manuel, I guess." Well, her tears certainly make a lot more sense now. Sad piano music tinkles as Kathryn says that it was hard emotionally, not having someone that she could trust. We see the footage from the most recent episode, where Kathryn started crying and asked if they had to "do this right this second," and then Anderson comforted her. I know I keep saying this, but they are such a cute couple.

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