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Part The End

Anderson tells us that that same day, during the "Hotel Room Test," Kathryn "broke down from the stress of trying to maintain her cover." We see Kathryn's empty hotel room, and hear her talking to a producer. The producer tells her that she's doing a great job. Kathryn doesn't feel like she is, and then sobs. The producer tells her that "it's been a rough trip." Kathryn finishes her confession by asking the players to forgive her if they feel that she lied to them, or if they believed in her "falsely," because it's been harder on her than anyone. The sad music continues. I have to say, this is a lot different than the final episode of Survivor, where Rich gloated and still revels in the fact that he played everyone else. Kathryn shows real remorse, even though it's just a game, and everyone was expecting that one of his or her fellow players was The Mole. I just think that she's a class act. The sad music ends. I notice that none of the executed players look at Kathryn and comfort her or accept her apology. Interesting.

Anderson compliments Kathryn on the job that she did, again. Then, he points out that some of the players were onto Kathryn early on, especially Kate and Charlie. Anderson wonders what set them off. Kate says that she just had an intuition, and points out that Kathryn always got the room closest to reception so that the producers could get to her without going by everyone else's room. That's smart, but Kate thinks that it was "totally ridiculous." Anderson points out that no one believed Charlie at first. Anderson voice-overs that only Charlie suspected Kathryn from the very first day. In an interview, Charlie says that he's sticking with Kathryn. Anderson says that not all of the other players were "as insightful as Charlie." In an interview, Jennifer says, "Princess Kathryn. Priceless. Love her. So far she has not failed at anything." The executed players laugh at Jennifer's bitchiness. Yeah, it's funny now. Kate says that Kathryn is "very far under the radar." Wendi says, in an interview, that her hunch is that Kathryn is not The Mole because Kathryn is "very genuine." In an interview, Henry says that he looked Kathryn right in the face and said, "You ain't The Mole!" The footage closes with a shot of Kathryn grinning, and the executed players laugh.

Anderson then turns to Steven, saying that he had the "most complex" strategy of everyone by developing a friendship with Kathryn. Steven says that he wanted to get close to everyone in order to get information. Anderson points out that the other players felt that Steve was "kind of a flirt, kind of a schmoozer." Everyone chuckles. Steven says that he doesn't know what they're talking about, and Anderson says he'll show him. Everyone laughs and Charlie yells out, "The camera doesn't lie!" The footage starts with Steve's wife saying that "he's flirtatious." Steve flirts with Afi. Kathryn points out that Steve uses his flirting and charm to "throw you off the track or throw you on the track." We see Steve flirting with Kathryn, and with Wendi. Jennifer says that she doesn't know why Steve flirts with her because she's "gay and everybody knows it." Wendi thinks that Steve is "a good-looking man." Wendi says that it bothers her that he goes "from person to person" and tries to find out what that person is thinking about the game. The final footage is of Steve brushing an eyelash off Jim's face. After the footage ends, Manuel says, "I taught you well!" and shakes Steve's hand. Steve looks at him like, "Who are you again?" Anderson asks Wendi if Steve is really a flirt, and Wendi says that he is, although he didn't flirt with her.

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