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Part The End

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Part The End

Anderson points out that many of them didn't realize how "ruthless" Steve was. Steve and Jim made a coalition on the second day, but Steve continued to "foster friendships" with the others to gain information. Steve looks a little uncomfortable. In an interview, Jim says that the nature of the game is "one that there can never be complete trust." We see footage of Jim running over the "hot coals" and then hugging Steve. In a voice-over, Steve tells us that he and Jim came up with a strategy where Steve would make people think that Jim was The Mole, and Jim did the same for him. Anderson points out that the bond had already formed at the time of the "Hostage Rescue Test" -- Jim was the only one who talked to Steve on the phone. Anderson voice-overs that "as a rule, Steven and Jim split up during the tests." Steve usually went with Charlie, and Jim went with Jennifer, and "they were so convincing that Charlie and Jennifer thought that they had begun their own coalitions with Steven and Jim." In an interview, Charlie says that he and Steve have bonded, and he relies on and trusts him. Jennifer says that she and Jim are "definitely in cahoots together," and that they trust each other. Because Steve and Jim both sabotaged the dice test, people naturally suspected them as The Mole. Steve tells us that Jim encouraged Jennifer to think that he was The Mole, and that "in effect, Jim took Jennifer out of the game." We see Jennifer get executed. Jim looks back to see Jennifer's reaction, and she looks kind of sick. On the monitor, Jim says that he liked Jennifer, but she never realized that he was more Steve's ally than hers. Anderson voice-overs that "Charlie was the coalition's last victim." Jim tells us that Charlie is to Steve as Jennifer was to him. Is this an SAT question? Anderson voice-overs that Charlie helped Steve get the exemption in the trust test, without knowing that Steve was out to get him. In an interview, Jim says that "the next loser" will be the person to get one more question wrong than him on the quiz. In other words, they all knew that Kathryn was The Mole, so it came down to who answered the quiz questions correctly. We see Charlie get executed. Steve says that the one who "initially turned [him] on to Kathryn was Charlie," so Steve feels a little guilty.

Anderson voice-overs that "although Steven and Jim's coalition appeared strong, in the days leading up to the final quiz, Jim began to waver in his belief that Kathryn was The Mole." In an interview, Jim says that Steve might be playing him, and maybe he's The Mole, and that there's "so much second guessing." We see the three players preparing for the final quizzes. Anderson voice-overs how the quiz worked, telling us that if there was a tie, the person who finished first would win. Anderson voice-overs that Steven "brilliantly plotted his partner's demise." In an interview, Steve says that his strategy is to tell Jim that he 's going to go as fast as he can, and hope that Jim will try to go faster and make some mistakes. Wow. Good strategy. I never would have thought of that, but it makes sense, since they both had the same information and otherwise probably would have gotten the same score. Anderson tells us that it's exactly what happened as we see Jim get executed again. Anderson asks how they knew they could trust each other. Jim babbles about shaking each other's hands and giving their words, and that they were on the same page. I don't know what he meant. Anderson asks Kathryn whether the coalition made her job harder. Kathryn says that it did make it harder in some ways, but also easier in some ways. Jim and Steve "attempted to shield [her]," and that she knew they both thought that she was The Mole, and she could rely on the fact that they would try to screw things up as much as possible. Kathryn says that she wondered sometimes whether Steve wanted to make any money. Kathryn thinks she was "the closest to breaking Jim," because he would "get into it with [her]," where Steve wouldn't even talk to her. Although she wasn't successful in "breaking" Jim, Kathryn feels that she came close.

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