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Part The Fifth

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Part The Fifth

Previously on The Mole: The group tried to evade snipers. Jennifer bitched at Kate for not shooting anyone with her gun. Kate tried to shoot Steven to earn an exemption, but it was too late. Jim stopped the team from doing logic puzzles and losing money. Charlie wishes he never signed up for the show because he misses his wife. Kathryn gets busted snooping in the production notebooks (although, to be fair, it was a trap.) Henry gets executed.

Is it wrong that I get a big kick out of Anderson Cooper saying saboteur? I just love that word. I think it's going to be my career goal, just so I can get it printed on business cards.

Anderson, still dressed all in black, leans on a pile of stones. He tells us that Henry was eliminated, and now there are only six contestants left. The six are stranded in Spain, and miss their friends and family. Anderson hits on the whole "They're a team, but they can't trust each other" thing that they tell us every week. I'm completely distracted by Anderson's pants, which appear to be made of polyester or something. They're very stretchy.

Charlie says that he misses his wife. Aw, that's so sweet. Kathryn says that she's missing her fiancé, but she appears to struggle over his name. Is it because she's The Mole, and thus the whole engagement thing is a sham, or is it because she's in love with Anderson? Or both? You be the judge. Jim isn't homesick at all, but he misses flying. Jennifer is nervous that Jim is spending so much time with Steven. We see footage of Steve wiping an eyelash from Jim's face. Oh, he's such a tease.

The pot is at $310,000. It's day eighteen, and the group heads for another town in Spain. Does it really matter what the name is? No, it doesn't. Plus, they don't give us the Carmen Sandiego map, and that makes me sad. Anderson needs them to divide up into three groups of two: one group of Resourceful people, one group of Smart people, and one group of Stupid people. I would totally go in the Stupid group, because anything you do well after that is just a surprise. If you go with Smart or Resourceful, and then don't do well, it would be a disappointment. But no one expects anything of the Stupid people. It's all about diminished expectations. Kate immediately volunteers to be on the Stupid team. In an interview, Kathryn says that Kate had just said the day before that she was never volunteering for anything again. Three Creamer. I mean, really. Kathryn was cut off in mid-sentence, so we don't even know if she was referring to this incident or not. They divide up with Kathryn and Steven on the Resourceful team, Jim and Jennifer on the Smart team, and Kate and Charlie on the Stupid team.

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