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Part The Fifth

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Part The Fifth

More lightning. It's raining very hard outside as the players and their guests assemble to find out the results of the quiz. The group pot stands at $370,000. Anderson wishes them luck and explains how the execution works, which we all know by now -- green thumbprint means you stay and red thumbprint means you go. He doesn't ask for volunteers this time -- I'm guessing because there are less people, he needs to take pains with the order to draw out the suspense. Kathryn goes first -- green thumbprint. Steven goes next -- green thumbprint. Jennifer goes next -- red thumbprint. Ding-dong, the witch is dead. She doesn't seem that upset to go. Jim looks sad.

No one can muster up much sympathy for the Montage of Sad Leaving this time. The best Charlie can do is say that Jennifer "performed well" on the tests. We see Jennifer being mauled by the baby bull. Then, she argues with Henry. She introduces herself on the first day, which is also the last time that she was nice. Jim says that Jennifer is his friend. Jennifer runs through the village, and through the cornfield maze. The best praise Kathryn comes up with is that she can't be blasé about Jennifer leaving now that she has met Amy. Talk about damning with faint praise. Outside, Jennifer tells Anderson that it was a difficult game. Seriously, this is the nicest and happiest she has been since day one.

The disclaimer says, "due to technical difficulties, extra time was added to the three routes test." But don't worry -- it didn't affect the "outcome of the game." I wonder what the technical difficulties were. I do appreciate the disclaimers, but I still want more information.

Next week: With only five players left, they compete in something that looks an awful lot like the sniper test, except they are going against each other instead of working together. Also, a "secret pact" is uncovered, and we see footage of Steven and Jim. Steven says that they want to eliminate everyone else, leaving Steven, Jim, and The Mole. Unless Steven or Jim is The Mole. Interesting.

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