The Mole
Part The Fifth

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Part The Fifth

Steven and Kathryn are still on the side of the road. Steven claims the van isn't working, but Kathryn tells him he didn't even try it. Ultimately, they end up abandoning the van. Steven hops on a motorized scooter while Kathryn rides a bike. In the next shot, Steven is on the bike and Kathryn is on the scooter. Kathryn accuses Steven of being The Mole. Steven replies that it's either him or Kathryn. Kathryn points out that it could be Kate. Steven says it could be Jim or Jennifer. Kathryn says it's not Jennifer, and goes back to saying that it's Steven or Kate. Steven says it's probably Kathryn. I notice that no one thinks it's Charlie. Me neither.

In the Smart car, Jennifer wonders whether Kate and Charlie are getting "some sort of perk" for misleading them. Wow, she does belong in the Smart car. They arrive in El Gastor, the wrong town. They figure out they are in the wrong place when there is no message for them. Jim calls Kate again and says that they are going to go to Utrera now. Kate tells him to call if there's any way she can help and hangs up. She tells Charlie that Jim is "buying it" and going "in the completely opposite direction now." She is a smooth operator. Smooooth operator. The Carmen Sandiego map shows us that they are still headed in the wrong direction. An on-screen countdown lets us know that there are about two and a half hours left. Once they arrive, Jim finds out that the town hall is closed. Jim calls Kate again and tells them that they'll be heading for the third choice -- Ubrique. Jim laughs that they clearly aren't the smart ones. The timer tells us that they only have one hour and forty-five minutes left. While they're driving, Jim tries to get Charlie to see some sort of sign out the window. Charlie says that all he sees are "rolling hills" and that they're in "opulence." He also claims that they've stripped the room of any identifying marks while the camera closes in on his slippers, which bear the name of the hotel, and a nearby calendar, also bearing the name. That's pretty funny. The way it's edited, it's like Anderson is listening to Charlie lie and then looking at all the things that prove he is lying.

Back to the Resourceful team. The motor scooter has run out of gas. Steven begs for gas from a local farmer, and somehow it works. They get a refill and thank him. Once they're back on the road, Steven comments that they're "a spectacle." A car passing them in the opposite direction nearly crashes into the car in front of it, with much screeching of tires. You can see that traffic is backed up behind Kathryn and Steven for miles -- couldn't they go over onto the shoulder for a few minutes and let the traffic pass? How annoying would that be?

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