The Mole
Part The Fifth

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Part The Fifth

On the Smart team, Jennifer comments that they don't know if they should be trusting Kate and Charlie. An on-screen counter tells us that they are over twenty-two miles away from the hotel. Back to the Resourceful team, who are just over nine miles away. Some of the backed up cars start to pass them. Anderson explains that time is running out and Kate and Charlie are starting to worry. Remember that the Resourceful team has to make it in time for the pot to double. Charlie says that there are about thirty-six minutes left. Assuming that scooter reaches a top speed of about ten miles per hour, the Resourceful team is never going to make it in time. Charlie is "losing faith."

Charlie and Kate decide to get Jim and Jennifer to the hotel so that they at least get their $40,000. Kate clarifies that if both teams show up, they still get the money but Kate and Charlie have to sleep outside. Kate calls Jim and tells him to come towards Jerez. Jim says he was just looking at that town on the map. Kate tells him to drive into the town and ask about a fancy hotel. Jim insists that they need to go to Ubrique first. I think Kate's naked under that towel. Jim tells Kate that he and Jen have to discuss it. Jen thinks that it's suspicious and she doesn't trust Kate, and wonders if Kate is getting an exemption.

The Resourceful team is out of gas, so they ditch the scooter and start riding double on the bike. They're inside the city limits. Back in the Smart car, Jim is totally losing it. He starts singing a nonsense song. Why is the steering wheel on the left-hand side? Shouldn't it be opposite in Europe? Or is that just Great Britain? Also, they're driving on the right side of the road. I'm so confused. Anderson voice-overs that the Smart team decides to ignore Kate's phone call and continue on to Ubrique. Jim claims to be "degenerating into idiocy." Back at the hotel, Kate and Charlie wonder why Jim hasn't called back. Charlie thinks they should tell them about the sabotage, but it's not clear if they're allowed to do so. Charlie suggests that they tell them the name of the hotel. Charlie calls Jim and spells the name of the town and hotel. Jim agrees to turn around as the on-screen counter reveals that there are twenty-seven minutes left and they are eighteen miles away. I don't know what the speed limit is in Spain, but that seems like plenty of time.

The Resourceful team is just over three miles away, as they get instructions from an ambulance driver. They take off through the city with Steven pedaling and Kathryn riding on the back. They come to an intersection and don't know which way to go. Steven claims that they just passed a sign, but he doesn't know which way to go. Couldn't they go back and look at the sign again? I know time is a factor, but it seems like it makes more sense to figure out where they are headed.

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