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Part The Fifth

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Part The Fifth

The team drives to Santa Maria and the castle of San Marco. Jim comes out wearing his fake buckteeth, and Anderson chuckles slightly. What a cool customer that Anderson is. This is the site of their next test. Anderson voice-overs that while the players have been cut off from family and friends, the producers have been in touch and gotten some information to use in this next test. Anderson explains to the players that a friend or family member of each one of them made a statement about them. They have to match the statement to the player. Each correct answer adds $5,000 to the pot.

The first statement is "The most redeeming quality about you is your ability to always offer a hug." Steven claims that one, and everyone agrees. The next statement is that the one thing that annoys this person the most about the player in question is the nagging. Jennifer says that it can't be her, because she's not married. Charlie says if they're limiting it to married people, it only leaves him and Kate since Steven is already eliminated. Kate allows that one of her kids could have said it. The next statement is that the thing they have least in common is fashion sense. Everyone looks at Jim. Jennifer says it couldn't possibly be her. This would be hard, mostly because you don't know whom they talked to. I know that my boyfriend would say very different things about me than my mother, for example. Jim agrees to claim that statement.

The next statement is that the most romantic thing this player has every done is agree to marry them. Kate and Charlie look at each other. Kathryn thinks it might be her, and she thinks Brad said it. Charlie jokes that he hopes it's Brad, because who else would it be? Um, Anderson? Do you have any feelings about that? The next statement is that during their relationship, the person has never seen a change in the player. Everyone points at Charlie, and he agrees. The last statement is that if the player were in the circus, he or she would be the one shot out of a cannon. Jennifer is the only one left who hasn't claimed a statement. She doesn't appear very convinced that it's describing her, and tries to think of who might say that about her. She decides it must be "Amy." Anderson tells them that they have the opportunity to change their minds. Kate thinks that her kids might say she would be shot out of a cannon. Jennifer thinks her brother might have called her a nag. Kate suggests that they switch. Let me just point out, in light of later events, that Jennifer didn't appear too sure that the cannon thing was hers at first, and claimed that the nag thing did fit. It wasn't like Kate strong-armed her into switching at all. Jennifer thinks about it for a while, and decides to switch to the nagging statement.

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