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Part The Fifth

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Part The Fifth

Kate goes next, and there's really no suspense since we already know that Jennifer's was wrong. Kate claims that her friend and family expect her to do the unexpected at this point. Oh, you're such a rebel. Kate thinks her son Adam made the statement. They must have given them some hints about who the person was, because nobody guessed wrong. And isn't it a little weird that her son came instead of her husband? I'm just saying. Anyway, to the surprise of no one (except Kate I guess) Adam doesn't come out when Anderson calls his name. Kate looks disappointed and heads out to join the others. She approaches Jennifer and says, "I'm very disappointed." Jennifer says snarkily, "We had it right the first time," and walks away. Okay, maybe Kate botched it on purpose, since I still think she's The Mole, but doesn't Jennifer think that she's sad too? She didn't get to see her son and all. What a bitch.

Anderson comes out and announces that they got four questions right, so they add $20,000 to the pot, for a total of $370,000. He apologizes to Kate and Jennifer that they don't get to see their loved ones. Then he calls for Amy and Adam, who come out. Kate hugs her son. Jennifer also looks incredibly happy, but she still isn't giving up her crabbing -- when Amy can't believe Jennifer got the question wrong, Jennifer says, "I had it right and they changed it." Give it up, girlfriend. We all saw the tape where you agreed to change it easily. I don't know if Amy is more than a friend to Jennifer or what, but Jennifer appears happy to see her -- happier than Kathryn was to see Brad, anyway. But Jennifer claims that Amy is just a friend, so I'm going with that, I guess. Kate shows off her green hair to her son, who is shocked and stunned.

In an interview, Kate says that she sees her "nagging" as just being a good mother. Adam says he no longer needs her advice, but he doesn't say it in a mean way. Jennifer is still crying over the Amy thing, claiming that she thought they would send her home and they wouldn't get to see each other. In an interview, Amy says that she's surprised to be there, but not surprised that Jennifer hasn't been eliminated. Introductions happen all around and Anderson announces that the game has taken a back seat for a moment.

In an interview, Joe says that Jim is always fair and follows the rules. Brad talks about how he is the sole person responsible for the wedding planning. Seriously, no chemistry between those two. Steven talks about how he told his wife that he spent the night with Kathryn, but she understood. Angie says that Steven is a flirt.

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