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The show opens with a definition in black text on a white background. A voice-over reads it to us: "MOLE: noun. A spy (double agent) who establishes a cover long before beginning espionage." I'm fascinated by the need to further define a spy as a double agent, but then to use the word "espionage" with no further explanation. I mean, I know what it means, and I'm sure you know what it means, but why did they need to clarify "spy" and not "espionage"? Fascinating editorial decision.

Over a shot of a barren wasteland, some high-tech-looking on-screen text informs us that this is "Day 1 -- Mojave Desert 7:35 AM." Well, if I had any lingering doubts about my ability to be on this show, they've just been erased -- I definitely couldn't get up that early. A metal roadside sign that says "The Mole" rattles in the wind. We see people approaching on a bus, on a motorcycle, on foot, and in a car. Anderson "Gloria Vanderbilt's Baby Boy" Cooper, dressed all in black, appears against a white background. Cooper explains that this story involves "ten strangers" on "a twenty-eight-day journey that will take them over fifteen thousand miles, four countries, and two continents." At each destination, the players will complete challenges for cash prizes. The cash is added to the pot, and one player wins it all. Yeah, we've all seen Road Rules, Sparky. Let's move on. While Cooper continues speaking, we see shots of the players assembling in the desert, and greeting one another. I'm going to skip the descriptions until we are introduced to them individually, because it's too confusing. Cooper introduces the twist -- "one of the players is a mole -- a double agent, working for us." This mole will try to sabotage the group's efforts and prevent them from completing the challenges. Cooper says that "every few days, there is a quiz about The Mole," with questions about The Mole's gender, age, or eating habits. The player who scores the lowest on the quiz is "executed" and must leave immediately. Cooper finishes by saying the person who wins must correctly answer the question, "Who is The Mole?" Credits.

Remember when Anderson Cooper was on the ABC overnight news? In the dark days when I didn't have cable, I used to watch it sometimes, because I'm a television-loving insomniac. Anyway, one time the pre-Alison Stewart female anchor was out, and they put a cardboard cutout in her seat, and just went on with the broadcast as if she were really there. They were wacky, wacky folks.

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