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Academic Decathlon

Opening explanation. We all know how it works by now, right? Good.

Previously on The Mole: A bull knocked Charlie down. Charlie got drunk and called Kate an asshole. The group had to do "uncomfortable" tasks. Kathryn wouldn't shave her head. Wendi had to wear a stockade. Kate stole all of Wendi's thunder by doing all of the "uncomfortable" tasks that everyone else refused to do, and then got an exemption from execution. To add insult to injury, Wendi got executed.

Anderson tells us that most of the players thought that Wendi could be The Mole, and then she got executed. They did? How did they pass the quiz, then? I think he was exaggerating a little. I mean, any of them could be The Mole, technically. Anderson says that there is tension because of Kate's exemption, and it brought up a lot of questions. The players wondered if the individual or the group should come first. Um, the group doesn't win the money. Be all kumbaya about it if you want, but only one person wins any money in this game.

Kathryn says that the game is starting to get "more difficult on many levels," and that everyone is having trouble getting along because "tensions are mounting." Steven tells us that there is one person who gets under his skin, but he doesn't name names. I bet that it's Jennifer. She gets under my skin. Kate guesses that she's "getting on people's nerves." Probably because she's The Mole. Henry wishes his wife a happy anniversary. Oh, he's so gone tonight. Jim says that the rules of the game entail "duplicitousness, dishonesty, and above all, winning for yourself, not the team." I agree.

As we see the group appear from around a corner, the on-screen text tells us that it is now Day Fourteen. Anderson is working it in a black t-shirt and jeans. Kathryn walks next to him because I am totally convinced that there is a little something-something going on there. Kathryn voice-overs that things are "intense." Yeah, you already said that. Anderson stops them and announces that he needs six of them who are looking for an adventure, and one person who wants to "take it easy." Kate and Jennifer immediately volunteer to be the "take it easy" person. I would never volunteer to be the one -- it's setting you apart from the pack too much. If you're The Mole, you want to blend in, right? Unless it's reverse psychology. Oh, I can't think about it anymore. They eventually decide that Kate will get to take it easy, and Charlie explains that Kate "delivered the goods the other day," so she "deserves it." Kate looks pleased. Really, based on what we've seen thus far, I think they all just can't stand her and want her as far away from the group as possible. Anderson send the other six down to the beach and summons Kate to come with him.

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