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Academic Decathlon

Next week: Steven asks Kathryn how she would sabotage them if she were The Mole. Jennifer worries that "he" is spending a lot of time with Steven. Jim yells at someone to "stop nagging." The announcer says that "a surprise reunion goes awry." We see each player greeting a loved one, but Jennifer's is the one shown on "awry," and then she voice-overs, "I was so bitter." The announcer wonders if it was the work of The Mole. Or was it the work of Jennifer, the bitch? Maybe her girlfriend is just sick of Jennifer's bitchy attitude. I'm just saying.

I'm still sticking with Kate as The Mole. I could probably come up with a case for any of them as The Mole at this point, so I'm going with my original guess. There was a lot of evidence for Steven this week, but I feel like the producers want me to think it's him, and I'm contrary. So, Kate is still my pick.

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