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Down on the beach, the six worry that they made a mistake picking Kate. Jim, in particular, is worried. He says that they are always taken aback when they have to split up, and he think they should "stop and think for a minute." Good point. They have to break up at least once per episode. Maybe they should have a strategy. But how can they strategize, not knowing the others' motivations? Whew, I'm glad I'm not on this show.

Random shots of Spain, including a cat walking down the street. Anderson lays out the challenge. Kate has been "taken captive." Hey, didn't they already do this test? Come on, guys. A little creativity here. Anyway, they have to rescue her from a church in a village. There are two snipers armed with laser guns, trying to pick them off. The group is unarmed, but they have walkie-talkies. Once they free Kate, they have to find Anderson and Kate and at least one other person has to ring a bell. They have forty-five minutes. It's worth $30,000. The group gets fitted up with their laser tag outfits. Couldn't they cheat and cover up their sensor? Not that I've ever done such a thing while playing laser tag. I think my brother told me about it.

Anderson tells Kate that what the rest of the players don't know is that she can earn another exemption. Kate doesn't think that's going to go over well. Anderson shows her a nearby key that will set her free, and explains that he will be in a cinema down the street. There is also a gun. She can't shoot the gun in the church, nor can the snipers shoot her there. She can use the gun to defend herself between the church and the cinema. Once they enter the cinema, she can use the gun to shoot any teammates that are still alive, and earn herself and exemption by ringing the bell alone. However, the group won't earn any money. Kate think it's "tough."

The group discusses strategy. Steven doesn't think they should "try and Rambo" or they will get "wasted right away." They are using the Fear-cams that they had in the cornfield maze. Another shot of that random cat. The team starts sneaking down the street. Henry is out front, and explains that he's moving from doorway to doorway. Charlie tells Steven that he's "the rear guard," and needs to watch their backs. My boyfriend J-Dawg points out that the snipers aren't really snipers, since they are moving around the village too. Technically, you'd think a sniper would be on top of a building somewhere, picking people off. Henry thinks he sees a sniper, and then gets shot. His screen goes red as he says, "I'm dead." The remaining teammates communicate to one another that Henry is down. Jennifer spots a sniper and tells Kathryn where to go to avoid him. Jim spots a sniper as well, and tells everyone where the sniper is. This would be a really easy mission to sabotage -- just lie about where the snipers are and get your teammates picked off.

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