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Kathryn tries to run across the street, and gets picked off. It's really unfair that the players have the disadvantage of that huge camera on their heads -- they can't run very quickly. Meanwhile, the snipers are unfettered and can move freely. Jennifer tells everyone that Kathryn is dead, and she needs a diversion. Jim tells Charlie to watch his back. Anderson voice-overs that Jim is acting as the diversion, putting himself at risk for "his pal, Jennifer." Jim gets killed, leaving only Charlie, Steven, and Jennifer. And Kate, of course. Jennifer does a pretty good job of running with the camera, and apparently takes advantage of Jim's diversion to run far up the street. Steven does the smart thing and stays quiet so that the snipers don't hear him. Jennifer begs someone to talk to her, and says that she doesn't see a church yet. Charlie gets picked off just standing there. Jennifer runs right past the church. I guess the huge cross on the outside wasn't a big enough clue for her. Very observant. She finally figures it out and weaves back across the street, using trees as cover. Jennifer says that she "has the church in sight," and tells Steven the location of a sniper. She apparently doesn't know that the others are dead, since she addresses Steven as "you guys." She gets into the church, where Kate is waiting and we go to a break.

Jennifer reaches Kate in the church. Anderson voice-overs that Jennifer is unaware that Kate may betray her, but we don't know if Kate has "made her decision." Jennifer unlocks Kate and explains that they have to go to where Anderson is. Jennifer only knows that Kathryn and Henry are dead. Kate verifies that they have to wait there for everyone. They do? I thought only two of them have to ring the bell. Kate grabs her gun a little too enthusiastically. Jennifer asks if anyone can use the gun. Kate says that only she can, and she has to get them to the cinema, and she knows where the cinema is. Jennifer wants her to explain where the cinema is, but Kate won't, for no apparent reason. I mean, even if she is trying to sabotage, or earn an exemption, she can't do so until they get to the cinema. I guess she could be nervous that Jennifer was offered the same deal she was, or something. Jennifer gets annoyed. Finally, Kate gives a slight description. Steven checks in and says that he's the only one left, and that he'll check in with them every minute -- if they don't hear from him, they should assume that he's dead. Jennifer tells Kate that they should wait ten minutes. Why ten? He said that he would check in every minute. This whole part is very fishy. Anderson tells us a rule we didn't know about before -- all living players have to get to the church before they can head to the cinema. Oh, now you tell us. Jennifer tries to raise Steven, who doesn't answer. Contrary to what Kate claims later, the red light on Jennifer's walkie-talkie does come on when she uses it. They decide that Steven is dead and, five minutes later, make plans to head for the cinema. Kate is supposed to cover Jennifer. We see a sniper right next to the church. Jennifer yells at Kate to cover her, and shoot at the sniper. Kate does, kind of. Jennifer dies then yells in frustration. Kate dies too, and on-screen text informs us that they failed the test. But didn't they fail the test the minute they stepped out of the church while Steven was still alive?

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