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Jennifer and Kate walk into the cinema to do a post-mortem with Anderson. They claim that they were "ambushed," but I thought that would mean that a big group attacked them -- it was just one sniper that killed both of them. Jennifer picks a fight, as usual, because that's so productive. I really can't stand her. Anyway, she thinks that Kate didn't cover her well enough, which may be true. Jim and Kathryn walk in. Jennifer tells them that Kate never told her that Anderson was right inside the gate. Did Kate know that? I hate that they don't tell the audience some things, so we can't possibly know who is right and who is wrong in these arguments. I guess it's all part of the game. Charlie walks in and asks what's going on. Jennifer continues to yell at Kate for not doing things the right way, and not covering her. They all ask Kate why she couldn't tell Jennifer where Anderson was exactly. Um, because she's The Mole. Because if she was just hoping for an exemption, she would have helped them get to the cinema. She couldn't kill anyone until they were in the cinema. And she needed teammates to act as a diversion -- there's no way she could get to the cinema alone. I'm just saying.

Henry also showed up at some point. Jennifer explains that Steven never responded, so they assumed he was dead. Steven walks in and tells them that he's still alive. Kate stupidly picks up her gun and shoots him. Um, it's over. You just blew your cover. Steven's all, "What are you doing?" and sweeps the gun barrel aside, calmly saying that she shouldn't point a gun at anyone. Charlie wonders if this is part of the game. Kate and Steven struggle over the gun, but it should be noted that Steven is kind of laughing through all this, while Kate is very serious. Anderson tells them to stop. Everyone is like, "What the hell was that?" Anderson asks Kate is she wants to tell them, and she doesn't, but he says she has to. Kate explains her personal mission for an exemption. Kathryn asks what would have happened to the money. Kate tells her it would be gone. Kathryn looks upset. Kate says that the money didn't seem like that much. Charlie points out that Kate wouldn't give Jennifer the gun because she wanted to shoot her. Everyone is pissed at Kate, who just smiles. Jennifer says that Kate doesn't deserve two exemptions. Oh, and you do, Whiny McBitchcakes? Have I mentioned that I hate Jennifer? Because I do. I hate her. Charlie points out that Kate was "not being a team player" and instead "going for herself."

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