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Academic Decathlon

The players are allowed to call home for five minutes. Steven calls his wife. He voice-overs that this is the longest he has been away from her without contact. Even when he's working undercover? Kathryn says that she misses her fiancé and her family. Kate leaves a message because it's her husband's bowling night. Charlie says that he's not happy, and he wishes he hadn't signed up for it. Aw. I know Charlie is a crotchety old man, but he does look like my college professor, and I have a soft spot for him. Henry talks to his wife, and wishes her a happy anniversary. Jim gets an answering machine. Jennifer tells someone that she is having a great time. Steven calls his wife "pumpkin head" and tells her not to cry. Kathryn tells her fiancé that she misses him. Except when she making sweet love with Anderson.

On the day of the execution, the players do a bunch of interviews with the producers. During the interviews, they had the camera crews called out, leaving each player alone with a hidden camera and a fake production notebook. Would they take the bait? We see all of them sitting in their chair, except for Kathryn, who looks like she's sneaking around. We'll find out what happened after the break.

The group assembles for dinner. Anderson asks about the interviews, like if anything unusual happened. Charlie says that his was interrupted by "technical difficulties," and in talking to others, he found out that many of them were also. Anderson asks Kathryn if she has anything to share with the group. She says no. Anderson presses the issue. Kathryn says that she doesn't know what he's talking about. Charlie accuses her of holding back on them. Kate says that something must have happened. Jennifer tells her that she's in the hot seat. Kathryn says that she's waiting to see what Anderson knows, and everyone cracks up. Anderson says that they know everything. A flashback reveals that the other players resisted temptation, but Kathryn took the bait. We see Kathryn going through the notebook. She must not have much experience with snooping, because she takes everything out, so that if the camera crew came back unexpectedly, it would be really difficult to put everything back in order. Or so I've been told. Kathryn tells the group that she wishes she had gotten more out of it. We're reminded that Charlie was caught snooping before, and we see the footage. I wonder if everyone else knows about it. Charlie wonders if Kathryn should get fined. Anderson makes fun of Kathryn trying to be sneaky. He's so in love with her. Everyone laughs at Kathryn. Does she know that it was a fake notebook? So many questions.

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