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Part the Seventh

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Part the Seventh

Previously on The Mole: Steven and Jim had a "coalition," which wasn't a "conspiracy," but rather a "pooling of resources for mutual benefit." Somehow, this resulted in Jennifer's execution, but we still haven't been given the details on that one. Steven and Kathryn were found in Jim's room when they weren't supposed to be, and money was taken out of the pot as punishment. Charlie calls the three of them the "unholy trinity." Kathryn left her gun's safety on, and the team failed to defend their fortress. Kate blamed Charlie, and Charlie insulted her. Kate would be sad if she left and Charlie stayed. Kate got executed. Kim's hopes went down the drain, since she was sure that Kate was The Mole.

Man, the credits just keep getting shorter, don't they? It used to take me a while to fast forward through them, but now with only four players, they flash by, and I end up having to rewind because I miss the first few moments of the show. But enough about me.

Anderson tells us that there are only four players left, and all of them have "the brains and background" to win, or to be The Mole. In an interview, Charlie says that the remaining players are all much younger than he is, and in fact, they are younger than most of his children. Kathryn says that they are always saying goodbye to each other, because they don't know when they'll be leaving, and she jokes that Steven and Jim are sick of her saying goodbye. Then Steven says something interesting. I'm just going to quote it here, and allow you to draw your own conclusions: "Is it ethical, really, to be tricking these people? You know it's a game and it's not real, but how far do you take it?" Is he The Mole? Or is he just talking about his role in the second test tonight? Or is he just speaking hypothetically? I don't know. Jim wonders if Steven is tricking him, but says he can't deal with the "What if?" because he doesn't know. Well, he says it much more snarkily, but that's what he means.

As the credits roll, the remaining players walk across some sand. The on-screen text tells us that it's the twenty-third day, and that they're still in San Lucar, Spain. Anderson congratulates them on making it this far, and asks them to divide up into two groups of two. One group should be artistic, and one group has to be able to count to at least seven hundred fifty-one. Jim jokes that he's the "arty one," you know, because he's gay and all. Charlie wants to stay together with Steven, and they refuse to be arty. Jim says that he and Kathryn will be the "arty" ones. Kathryn wants to be in the counting group. Steve and Charlie both claim that they're not artistic. Jim tries to convince Kathryn that being a lawyer is creative. It is! Look at Ed Stevens! He's always creative. Anyway, after some standing around, Kathryn finally acquiesces, and she and Jim follow Anderson while Charlie and Steven stay put. Will this turn out to be like when Jennifer felt she was pressured into changing her mind? Even though she totally wasn't? Does this mean Kathryn will be the next to go? Is this all part of Steven and Jim's evil plan? Keep reading.

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