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Part the Seventh

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Part the Seventh

Time for quiz footage. Kathryn voice-overs that she knows that this is "just a game," and if the others outplay her, then "more power to them." Charlie says that he thinks Jim has an advantage in his "tight relationship" with Kathryn. Jim says that Charlie could be The Mole, but Jim doesn't think he is, and if Charlie is, then Jim is screwed. See, Jim totally thinks it's Kathryn. Kathryn says that she thinks it was odd that neither Charlie nor Steven got the number of sheep right. Jim says that it would be perfect for The Mole to form a tight bond with another player, as we see footage of Charlie walking the plank for Steven. Kathryn says that it's hard for her to figure out if Jim is being played or if she is. Charlie says that he would rely on or trust Steve. Kathryn says that Charlie will not beat her. Jim says that it will be difficult tonight, and he's met "some real cool people and some real asses," but he's had a great time. We see shots of the four remaining players and then we go to break. Notice that they did not include footage of Charlie bidding goodbye to his fellow players, as they have done for the past two weeks or so. I guess that means he's the one leaving. Just a guess. Keep reading. Please?

The players file in to find out which one of them is leaving. Anderson reminds us about Steven's exemption. Anderson congratulates them for making it this far. Steven shakes all of their hands. Anderson explains once again about entering the names into the computer. Kathryn goes first -- green thumbprint. Jim goes next -- green thumbprint. As always, it's the third person entered who gets eliminated. Charlie gets the red thumbprint and sits there for a moment, dumbfounded, before picking up his bag and leaving. Steven hugs Kathryn, who is crying.

Steven says that he feels a little guilty over his exemption leading to Charlie leaving, saying that Charlie "committed Mole suicide for [him]." Well, that's a little dramatic. Kathryn says that she would have been "very upset" if there had been any other outcome. Jim says that he thinks he picked the right person to ally with in Steven. Steven thanks the other two for putting him last on their list. They joke that they really didn't know what they were doing, and all laugh.

It's time for the "We'll Miss Charlie" montage. Charlie voice-overs that his "detective skills are…rusty," and "some of these young whiz kids have sharper minds than [he] does now." Aw, they show when Charlie's wife came to visit. That's the one time I really liked him. They don't show the parts where he yelled at Kate about a million times. In an interview, Charlie jokes that he's going to put an ad in the papers about "sheep herder available; dog not required." We see Charlie's van pull away.

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