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Part the Seventh

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Part the Seventh

As they walk away, Jim confesses to Kathryn that he's a "terrible artist," and Kathryn asks him frustratedly why he picked that group. Because it's part of his evil plan? Oh, he says that he's kidding. Charlie jokes that with fingers and toes, he and Steven can count to forty. It would have been funny if Steven had deadpanned that he has six toes on one foot, so it's really forty-one. I like to imagine little scenes sometimes. Sorry about that.

Steven and Charlie arrive at a field containing many, many sheep. Steven guesses that they have to herd sheep. Charlie starts trying to count them, but they're all running around, making it difficult. Damn those sheep. If this were Survivor, they'd be dead meat. Literally. We see a dog herding the sheep. In an interview, Jim says that maybe Steven knows that Charlie is The Mole, and he's playing Jim, or maybe Steve is The Mole, but hopefully, it's Steve and Jim against The Mole. Does that mean that Jim and Steve are convinced that Kathryn is The Mole? My brain hurts. I still think that Jim insisted on being with Kathryn because he's the official "tester" (like last week with the black book) who has been assigned to keep track of Kathryn, while Steve is assigned to mislead Charlie, since Charlie trusts him the most. Kathryn says that if The Mole is Charlie, "there goes the unholy trinity." Charlie explains that he calls those three "the unholy trinity because they are together quite often." Jim starts to ask Kathryn a question, but stops himself. Then he says that he was going to ask if she'd rather cut him or Steve. Kathryn laughs, but pointedly doesn't answer.

Anderson voice-overs that Charlie and Steven have to herd all of the sheep into the corral for $20,000, and they'll earn an additional $10,000 if they can count all the sheep. But first, three dogs are led over by a crew member, and Charlie and Jim get to pick one to help them. There's an English Sheepdog, a German Shepherd, and a mutt. Aw, they're cute. Anderson says that only one of the dogs is trained in sheep herding; the other two are useless. Well, they would make good pets! They're not useless! I would have totally picked the mutt because it looks like an Australian Shepherd (think Murray on Mad About You) crossed with a curly-haired lab. Charlie and Steven do pick the mutt, and Steve explains that they picked the mutt because Sheepdogs are not really used to herd sheep, and neither of them has seen a German Shepherd used for sheep herding. True -- German Shepherds seem to be used more for guarding or attacking. Unfortunately, they're wrong -- they should have picked the German Shepherd. Charlie claims that they'll teach the mutt to herd sheep. Steven hopes the dog will be his hero. They have an hour to finish their task.

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