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Part the Seventh

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Part the Seventh

Jim and Kathryn's art piece is installed in the gallery. They sit upstairs and listen while the art critic tries to pick out their piece. She looks at the various pieces. She thinks Jim and Kathryn's piece might be by the same artist who made the noose in the shape of a question mark, because of the rope. The critic checks out a cross made of loaves of bread, and says that it's "too simple to be the nonprofessional piece," because "nonprofessionals always tend to do too much." Upstairs, Jim points at Kathryn, as if scolding her about the jewels. The critic has to make her pick. She thinks it might be a heart made out of orange and lemon slices, but it's too simple. She turns and picks Jim and Kathryn's piece as her final choice. Jim and Kathryn come downstairs. Jim steps on one of the art pieces, which is basically a rope on the floor. Hee! Anderson asks the critic about the jewels, and the critic says that it was "a giveaway." Anderson says that it was a loss for the players, but "a victory for art." In an interview, Jim says that he "made light of the process," but he eventually got into it. Anderson tells them to go back upstairs, because they have some other critics who want to see the work.

Steven and Charlie walk in and laugh at the "art." Anderson tells them that if they can pick out Kathryn and Jim's piece, they win $20,000. Charlie says that they're on a roll and feel very confident. Steven doesn't seem too confident. Charlie looks at the right piece (with the boxing gloves) and claims that it can't be Kathryn's because "anything with pugilistic overtones would not be her." Charlie calls the citrus-slice heart "fruity," a reference to Jim's sexuality, I guess. Steven cracks up. Upstairs, Jim jokingly gestures that he's going down there to kick some ass. Jim voice-overs that it doesn't really bother him, but at the time he wanted to run down there and Kathryn held him back so that they wouldn't lose. Charlie examines a ladder with a coat, hat, and boots on it. He jiggles a necklace, saying that it might be "Kathryn's input," and it breaks. Oops! They decide to flip for it -- heads is the noose question mark, tails is the cross made of bread. They end up picking the noose. Jim and Kathryn come downstairs. Jim jokes that he heard what Charlie said, and Charlie apologizes. Jim jokes further that they created the bread cross, and Charlie's face falls, since that was their back-up choice. Jim points out the correct piece. Kathryn yells out that she collects "antique sporting equipment." In an interview, Steven says that they were looking for a hint, and both missed Charlie's name on the boxing glove. Well, I don't think that Jim and Kathryn were trying to give hints, since they didn't know while creating the piece that Charlie and Steven would have to pick it out.

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