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Part the Seventh

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Part the Seventh

Anderson voice-overs that Kathryn and Jim both completed their tasks, so the money has been added to the pot, but now Steven has to try to convince Charlie to walk the plank over the ravine for his exemption. Charlie doesn't know that Jim was successful for sure. Steven tells Charlie to trust him, and Charlie says that he trusts him "explicitly." I think he meant "implicitly," but whatever. He's nervous. Steven leads a blind-folded Charlie to the plank. Steven tells Charlie that he was picked for this task because he's "mentally stronger than the other two." Steven tells Charlie that he has to walk along an eighteen-inch board, following Steven's directions. Charlie confirms that he has a choice, and thinks aloud about the implications. Steven can't tell Charlie if Jim completed his task. Charlie notes that if Jim didn't complete his task, and Charlie refuses, then they win no money and Kathryn gets an exemption. If Jim didn't complete his task, and Charlie does, they win the money. If Jim did complete his task, and Charlie refuses, they win the money with no exemptions. If Jim did complete his task, and Charlie does too, they win the money and Steven gets an exemption. Just thought I would lay out all the scenarios that Charlie has to consider. We know, of course, that Jim did complete his task, so Charlie is just deciding whether Steven gets an exemption.

Jim and Kathryn watch the scenario unfold from below. They wonder if Charlie is bungee-jumping. I wonder what the "fake" task is, since both Kathryn and Jim's tasks were fake. Jim tells Kathryn that his task was fake. Kathryn still doesn't know that no knives were thrown at her.

Charlie continues to ponder the implications of his task. He says that he's chicken, and he could use the implications as an alibi. Charlie says that he'll give it a go. Some crew members hook him up with a harness attached to some bungee cords. I worry that they're going to drop the plank out or something and old Charlie will have a heart attack. I mean, he's a jerk, but no one deserves that. Steven guides Charlie over a ladder and out on the plank. Charlie makes it to the end. Below, Jim notes that Charlie is doing it. Steven continues to give Charlie instructions on turning around, which is the tricky part, it seems. Charlie gets most of the way around, and announces that he's "getting shaky." We see his legs shaking. Steven instructs Charlie back and Charlie makes it back to the ladder. Steven tells him how to get over the ladder. Charlie completes the task, and $60,000 is added to the pot while Steven gets his exemption. Charlie explains that "to be blind-folded and walking around is eerie," but explains that he trusted Steven, more than he trusted his harness.

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