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Part The Sixth

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Part The Sixth

Previously on The Mole: Charlie was reunited with his wife, Bernadette. Steven was reunited with his wife, Angie. Jennifer commented that her friend Jim has been spending a lot of time with Steven lately. Kathryn accused Steven of being The Mole. Kathryn and Steve had to sleep in the car, after making a pact that they would work together. Jennifer was executed, and Jim said that she was his friend.

Man, the credits just keep getting shorter, don't they? Anderson tells us that Jennifer went home "in the company of a trusted friend," and then there were five. In an interview, Steven says that he's been reduced to playing the game "at a level that is below my moral and ethical standards." Kathryn has been hanging out with Jim and Steve a lot in the last week, and she enjoys being friends with them as much as you can be friends "in the context of the game." Jim rubs the back of his head and looks like a big monkey while he claims that it's fun playing the mind games, and it's interesting "how people are so easily scammed and suckered in."

It's day twenty. After dinner, the players are sent to their rooms and told to stay there alone. A surprise bed check finds Kathryn and Steven in Jim's room. Anderson says that it's "a clear violation of the game's rules." Man, every show I recap has people breaking the rules tonight.

The next morning, Anderson speaks to the assembled group. He tells them that rules were broken, and they'll be assessed a $20,000 penalty, making the pot $350,000. Wow, that was lenient. Ayanna was kicked off! Steven looks sad. Kathryn says that it's lonely in their hotel rooms, and after a while, she's willing to be fined just to have some "human contact." What exactly was going on in that hotel room, anyway? Charlie says something about "troublemakers" and "comeuppance."

Anderson tells us that "what none of the players know is that Jim and Steven have had a secret coalition ever since the third day of the game." They what? That is big news. Jim says that he "wouldn't characterize it as a conspiracy but more as a pooling of resources for mutual benefit." Steven explains that they "struck a deal" and "the last execution was a result of that." It was? How? I need more details here! I guess they can't tell us anything else, or we would know who The Mole is.

The group arrives at an old fort. Anderson explains that this test will be "a variation of the game Capture the Flag." He tells the group that at some point that night, the fort will be attacked by four aggressors. The team has to guard a water-filled bowl, which will be illuminated by two spotlights mounted on the roof. The aggressors can win in two ways: turn off both spotlights OR move the bowl of water out of the lights. The home team has to either keep the bowl illuminated from sundown to sunup OR they can shoot and hit all four of the aggressors. Shoot? With real guns? This is getting serious! Oh, Anderson explains that they get paint guns, but the aggressors will be unarmed. Anderson adds that there is a large white circle around the fort -- a perimeter -- beyond which they cannot move. The prize for this test is $60,000.

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