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The show opens with an explanation of how the game works, which I'm sure you all know by now. They started with ten people working together to complete tests to earn money. One of them is a Mole, trying to sabotage. Each week, one of them is eliminated via a quiz about The Mole. The last one left gets the money.

Last week, Jennifer threw a hissyfit, Wendi couldn't hear, and Afi got eliminated.

Anderson stands in the desert and tells us that the players are getting to know each other, and personalities are clashing. Charlie tells the camera that he's relieved it was Afi and not him. Jennifer tells the camera that she wishes Henry were gone. Why don't we get a shot of someone saying that they wish Jennifer were gone? Also, it kind of cracks me up how they have assigned a persona to each player, and always refer to said persona in the on-screen text. "Jennifer the Jock," or "Charlie the Retired Detective," for example. Henry tells the camera that he still feels "really confident." Wendi thinks this is all a dream. Steven claims that he's "just a simpleton," trying to "get through one round at a time." I love that he called himself a simpleton on national television.

It's Day Ten and the group is in Avignon, France. There is $135,000 in the pot. They leave France to go to Spain, and the Carmen Sandiego map shows us where France is in relation to Spain. I would make a crack, but actually most American probably don't know. Anderson voice-overs that the group's confidence is waning since they have failed two out of the last three tests. Montage of Spain while Spanish music plays in the background. I expect them to have a toreador and a woman in a mantilla with a rose clenched between her teeth or something.

Charlie, Kate, Wendi, and Henry are in a van. Anderson tells us that Charlie is getting tired and cranky. We see Charlie asking if they can crack a window and get some fresh air. Henry offers to turn on the air conditioning. Kate says her window is cracked as much as she is going to crack it. Because she's The Mole. Charlie accuses Kate of being "the window police." Heh. Kate says that Charlie got up on "the wrong side of the bed," and Wendi admits that Charlie was "a little snappy" to her this morning. Charlie just lies there and thinks, "I am in hell. HELL!" That's what the look on his face was saying to me.

At 11 PM, the players arrive at their hotel. Over dinner, Anderson tells us that they discuss friendship in the face of the game. Anderson asks the table how they can form friendships, knowing that they are based on lies. Aw, who cares! Show more Mole stuff! Jim says that everyone came to the table with the same expectations. Steven is afraid that he will lose friendships as the game goes on. Jennifer says that she applauds anyone who outwits her, and pointedly says, "You did your job, Steve!" and then laughs and laughs at her audacity at calling Steve the Mole. Jennifer is so the Richard of this show. They want us to hate her. It makes me not want to hate her, just to be contrary, but I do. I hate her. Shut up, Jennifer. Random shot of Charlie guffawing for no reason.

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